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  1. Any chance to push this event start to 1800Z so some of the working CEST people can play for about 1-2hours as well?
  2. I wish they would. Welcome back.
  3. The FTPs have been discontinued by UOTC after a few failures in reviving them properly through members of UO which volunteered and then disappeared or went idle on the project. Using the Handbook, FTPs materials and the old materials from the fireteam operations course, a new FTOPS Course has been designed last year, whichs draft you can find here. The mission file of the new FTOPS is done to 98% remaining only slight adjustments for when the course materials are finished. Sadly the state of the UOWiki currently blocks any work on the materials.
  4. The wiki is currently not able to be edited due to some issues I haven't properly informed myself about yet. It has been requested by me since 2017 though, so maybe once everything has become less busy and proities are solved, we get to do something about it.
  5. The handbook was sort of declared outofdate in early 2018 and hasnt been maintained since probably 2015. Tho lots of what is written in there might still be very helpful and correct. The only maintained (until late 2017) article that comes close and links to some of the old handbooks materials is the Basic Player Guide in our wiki. Link
  6. I have been trying to teach this to these people since 2015. Didn't work out for 99%.
  7. Hi guys, I found too charts which, from my POV, are somewhat useful when printed next to your gaming setup. For Medics: The entire post can be found here. KR Pax
  8. If he wants to be a regular, yes.
  9. If you ever need to boot a Linux/Win2k VM in your browser... Bellard provides https://bellard.org/jslinux/ Or this one: https://copy.sh/v86/
  10. Donators have wiki access. At least that was the case before I became a regular.
  11. Once the Wiki is back up and the articles are transfered, it would be nice if you could check the existing article I made for failures and add whatever I might have missed (I only did the very, very most basic things, so there is likely a lot missing that could be used in arma).
  12. Definitely a significant improvement to the old side.
  13. All URLs yesterday 1400Z trivial, favicon seems to be non functional
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