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  1. Issue is that somewhen last year tinkering with the whole website stuff of UO, somehow made the wiki inaccisible. I was told how but I forgot already. It was planned to reinstate the wiki with all its content (which as per WSO has been saved), but this was not done until the shutdown of UOs ArmA3 Section and also not since. Currently the only people in posession of the content is the UO WSO. Maybe they can provide the printable versions I uploaded onto the wiki back then.
  2. Yes they have ended. Some people said its due to ArmA3 being too old loosing its steam and the UO core playerbase becoming older and more involved with AFK. Personally I think the second might be true, but the first was simply not true in every aspect. ArmA3 continues to flourish in other places very well. So do the mods.
  3. Will be adressed once the old wiki instance is back up.
  4. TVT23 Dead Forest on Schwimmlitz - 84 loadouts borked for blufor
  5. I think this is right thing to do. Only because there is a way to appeal it does not mean that the former culprit feels comfortable to do so, especially if we keep in mind the level of strong attitude we are known for. It might help them to feel confident to return if we invite them back. We just need to be on watch for any returning behavioural patterns.
  6. For what I know SRV2 use is restricted to UOTC oversight, which means you can go and ask an Instructor that is online in TS or discord to supervise your actions on SRV2. This has been done due to the fact that the SRV2 has been misused in the past. To what extend I am not aware as this has been before my time as Instructor. Must have been severe enough tho that GSO decided to bar it.
  7. I find it insulting that whoever requested this actually had to draw in behavioural delicts into this request as if Azzworts inactivity alone wouldn't have made the removal request valid. Thats fucking shit smearing of a regular that tried to keep the UOTC going for years after a gap of 0 courses for years and noone wanting to take the office, had to take up with a metric ton of bullshit being thrown into his direction and actually got some of the materials back together that were widely considered lost, including running SOME stable courses. Thats infuriating! Shame on you!
  8. We would like to ask you to take a few minutes and fill this survey for us. Thank you. The survey has been closed after 43 answers. Thank you for your time!
  9. Opposing (saw too late that its Officer vote now)
  10. 1800Z - I missed it last time, will try to make it this time
  11. CO29 Dark Deeds on Takistan thrown back into mission selection
  12. Hello Davey, Currently the United Operations Training Center lost a bit of last years steam. Request a familiarization course here and make sure to fill all the info and we will see what we can do for you. For informations building on top of spaghetti's sources visit the UOTC Basic Player Guide For even more in depth guides visit the UOTC Codex Page
  13. Any chance to push this event start to 1800Z so some of the working CEST people can play for about 1-2hours as well?
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