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  1. All URLs yesterday 1400Z trivial, favicon seems to be non functional
  2. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/coop-10-baguette-afternoon-v1-r1303? No slotable slots
  3. To clarify this incident took place in July 2018. Graham was at the beach and intended to perform the course as planned. IRL forced him to contact us over discord to notify us that he would not be making it home until the course. Cath engaged a heated discussion which sort of derailed within a few sentences. Graham did reschedule the course for 3 hours later while still on his way home. He finished the course with one of the attendees. I see no reason to point this as negative nor has the user said or done anything that would require an apology.
  4. Blaming questions 10 and 14 are obviously borked when the answer to "It was..." can not be "Lancer" Otherwise: 38% ... passed
  5. Easy Yes Solid player, very competent
  6. Instructor unavailable due to family matters (last will of parents, burials etc., got called in this morning) Tried to hand over to another instructor which sadly failed. I will be there tomorrow (sunday) at 1900Z that is 3 hours past the Land Nav and will host the FC at that time. Make sure to visit the server this evening prime time.