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  1. To answer that question, I'd first need to know what rhoomba is. o.O
  2. Confrontation mode is just aweful. US vs. France was a bunch of slow heavies vs. a bunch of auto-loaders. US vs. Germany was 12 TDs on each team with 3 Mediums caught in the shit. This was tier 8-10 mind you. It was not pleasant, so I turned confrontation battles off.
  3. huh, the packed version on armaholic is 547MB. Why is the one on PWS smaller?
  4. Isn't the filesize for clafghan 550MB? If any map has a lot of unused and worthless terrain it's clafghan
  5. I know that the discussion about Sahrani has come up before, but I just read the Taviana topic and this came to mind. Not long ago a new full port of Sahrani was released. It no longer have any dependencies, and has a lot of improvements made. The AI pathfinding has been fixed, some textures have been replaced, and even destructable buildings have been added. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22209 - here is the download page I think it has been uploaded to PWS as well. While having a big filesize of 917MB, it offers a very diverse terrain ranging from mountains, fields, beaches, towns, forrests, and steppes. Mission makers should easily find something they can use. If you haven't tried out the terrain yet, I strongly urge you to; it is simply a marvelous island. I have myself not had time to try this new version out fully, but I will after this next week. This topic will hopefully spark some interest among Regulars and active mission makers so that a vote might be put up in future. If it is impossible to add this map into the modpack for some technical reason I'd love to know about it. Edit: I noticed I had mentioned fields twice
  6. DeLaRuuu


    It was suppression without movement, which is fairly pointless. And seeing how there was only one enemy in the compound to begin with, but four of them at the end, the sector covering wasn't very effective. My point would be that going into a quick CQB to clear the compound would give us more time to set up to support the platoon and cover the entrances. Our only advantage in this tvt was numbers. Being quick and dirty is often more effective in those instances. Fireteam movements in CQB might work in reality, but in ArmA not so much. This 'no tactics' thing is in fact a tactic, which can be done with success. People who play here hopefully has some interest or experience with tactics and will naturally gravitate towards them. I believe that dispite not recieving orders to clear this and that, like this and so, they will do it anyway in some manner of passable tactic. In the end however I think it was the poor situational awareness that got everyone killed. I'm sure we all knew that there was one building occupied by enemy, it was the building we suppressed after all. After moving into the compound no movement to clear that building out was ever made. People kept looking at it hoping the guy would pop up in front of them. Even when we were shot from behind people kept looking at that damn building. Dispite all the communication we did, none of it was contact reports or reaction to contact.
  7. DeLaRuuu


    While I don't agree with that squad leaders opinion, he did have a point. In the specific situation we were in, his insurgent, no tactics, plan would have worked better than what happened. I appreciate that Mixtrate took it on himself to be a FTL, but his leadership was painfully slow and dependent on communication. While we had good suppression, there was no movement made to push into the compound; I was the one to take that initiative to actually go in, but even then there was to much hesitation and I had to stop because no one was following me. There was a lot of communication where dispite us being on "close contact" for ACRE allowed the enemy to pick up on our movement and location. Because of our slow movement not only did we not clear out the compound in time to support the rest of the platoon, we ultimately cornered ourselves and was encircled by the enemy, while being picked off one by one. Had we simply been aggressive and ignored our fireteams, I have no doubts we would have cleared the compound faster and with less casualties. This was simply not the time for fireteam practices. I was frankly appalled by how much you guys were talking when we were in CQB with known enemies nearby. If we would have had radios to communicate while on "whisper", it would have been perfectly fine. In this case the enemy could do just that, but we couldn't. Sometimes you'll just have to trust your squad members to watch your back without telling them to.
  8. DeLaRuuu


    Was this mission, per chance, a tvt? More specific FATA roulette (German vs. Insurgent). If so I think I know what you are refering to, and I have something to add to that.
  9. I cannot show up either I'm afraid. Please remove me from the list.
  10. Fuck yes! I love STALKER. I'm definitely going to check it out.
  11. What about those sweet kill assists? Should I take those into account?
  12. Hi! My kill rate is 0.05 per minute. Welcome to how Arma is should to be played!
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