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  1. That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing! ... and taking the time to scan all of it
  2. Hi all! I'm finishing up my flight instructor rating and wanted to share some lessons with the community. I can cover any one of these air exercises: Familiarization Aircraft Familiarization and Preparation for Flight Ancillary Controls Taxiing Attitudes and Movements Straight and Level Flight Climbing Descending Turns Flight For Range and Endurance Slow Flight Stalls Spinning Spiral Dives Side-slipping The Circuit Illusions Created by Drift — Low Flying Precautionary Landings / Forced Landings Pilot Navigation Instrument Flying Or any one of the ground school lessons Theory of Flight Meteorology If there is enough interest in this I'll schedule a date
  3. Probably not going to make it tomorrow, computer stuck on an endless update restart loop and I can't boot it up.
  4. SL 2'2 - Had no compass either
  5. Cops and Drug Dealers. HitTheMan's last Stand.
  6. Ingame/Form Name: Mixtrate Are you willing to be a CO: No Are you willing to squad lead: No Are you a regular or donor: No
  7. Hey I looked a bit more into this and I think I will pass.
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