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  1. Didn't we have that German stuff before?
  2. A brief doesn't need to be all singing all dancing but its absolutely essential you get the key points across We use the following phrase when writing orders as a benchmark to ensure we have hit the high points The aim of Battle Procedure is to ensure that the front line soldier is launched into battle, without waste of time and with minimum fuss, knowing exactly what he has to do, how he is going to do it, and what fire support he is going to get
  3. Vehicle racks still are only picking up comms intermittently at best (Played a mission on Fri night in WMIKs and racks were useless)
  4. Theres a built in one in eden editor, double check that hasn't been turned on
  5. Don't worry about it, you just ruined Malden for UO forever.... no biggie
  6. Unless you don't intend us to use the bunkers we need some way to actually see inside the things Night vision, flashlights, hand flares, para flares, even chemlights At one point one of the guys had to fire his weapon so he could actually see....
  7. Afaik its similar to all the other dlc Free features and paid for content, obv they are counting the carrier as a feature rather than content
  8. This is all the 3CB stuff, so Jackals and Coyotes aswel And in the future their PMV pack will be the same
  9. I'd be interested in this May even make a mission or two!
  10. I've only skimmed the thread but a few points I've taken out already (Will update with more as I read more in depth) Saline carried by every man in the platoon is not necessary, in my experience on the primary very rarely did the medics run out of saline, most of the time they carried a couple of litres and that did them for the mission Have you ever considered that low/limited medical supplies could be used as a game mechanic? IMO no mission should ever be reported broken (As someone in this thread has suggested) because of low medical supplies, yes it sucks but you just need to deal with it.... One of the big problems around here is everyone expects things to just be handed to them, sometimes you just need to take a shit situation and make it work!
  11. If you want to make some missions where the start position is close to the objective then I'm sure some of the people in the mission making channel will be happy to help you TL;DR YOU need to make the missions YOU want to play. Because no one else will
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