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  1. Sorry, what with the impending hurricane and everything it looks like I won't be available for the event. Apologies!
  2. Any steps to reproduce? I've got v6 running fine on both local client and the test server.
  3. Can't speak for everything, but I believe the BLUFOR machinegunner lacks ammo because of updated 3CB classnames.
  4. New version uploaded with fixed classnames.
  5. As a side note, vehicle platoon numbers don't match the squads. BTRs were marked 543 and up (with some duplicates), if I remember correctly, while the sections were marked 544, 545, 546, 457, 458, and 459 in COMSIG. Going to check my footage to double-check just in case, but...
  6. IG/TS: Wildkins May be a minute or two late, had to move some things around in order to attend.
  7. Eh, I don't think having the exact camo is a make or break for a mission. There are quite a few missions that use stand-ins for the proper camo (especially in such cases where it would be silly to hunt down a mod that probably doesn't even exist for the camo required - see the countless missions using M81 derivatives, for example). Now, not having something like the LAV-25 for a USMC LAR platoon is a bit more of a make/break scenario...and it saddens me that no functioning/capable mod for that glorious vehicle exists as of now.
  8. Only vehicle commanders had 148s; dismount SLs did not.
  9. All issues have been fixed. Appears that using 3DEN to assign units to vehicle positions doesn't play well with JIP, so I've used the old-fashioned method instead. New version being pushed to _FINAL.
  10. CO12 FS01 Cloak and Dagger v2
  11. Yep, I've been using OBS only because I tend to run ARMA 3 in Fullscreen Window, else I'd be using Shadowplay. Lots of options and very lightweight encoding so it doesn't eat up your entire drive (like FRAPS, for instance).
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