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  1. Ingame/Form Name: Cosmonaut Are you willing to be a CO: No Are you willing to squad lead: No Are you a regular or donor: No
  2. Its mostly bullshit, its fine if you want to see the world through rose tinted glasses but the reality of the matter is that men are more than happy to kill eachother in the most gruesome way, even more so when the other man is trying to kill you. Lindybeige has very shitty views on modern warfare and I wish he would just stick to what he's good at, anytime he tries to apply his methods of thinking to anything past the pike and shot era you can plainly see the fucking bullshit just spewing out of his mouth. In addition he is so blatantly biased towards England on any topic its just silly.
  3. Put me in coach, I wanna kill the aliums.
  4. I think you bad experience with the mission perfk, we played it damn near full and we had a quiet maybe 20 minutes, but from that point on we did not stop engaging eachother, blufor did flank but we just shifted and proceeded to continue to return fire. I rather enjoyed the 1h+ firefight we had with minimal cover and 7.62 on both sides.
  5. Mod is Kill now. RIP http://www.reddit.com/r/EridanusInsurrection/comments/31kj69/i_think_its_over_for_awhile_stirls_880zero_and/
  6. I was going to try to appeal to this. But now I'm just not going to,if this is how far the bar has dropped then there is no point. You drag me out of a SL position because of a conversation that I didn't even start and one I had no intentions of continuing. This is beyond shallow,if you need your ego stroked so much you can't even be mature and not call an admin because of bullshit like this. Then there just is no point in this at all. And for the record,I have two previous bans.
  7. Whored out so many trading cards for this game,Worth it. I still feel dirty getting money to play games though...
  8. I tried jumping some pebbles with an ATV,Then proceeded to fly through the air doing frontflips as if I had hit a fucking ramp,And thats the times that I can actualy make it over obstacles,I mean seriously,Don't get me started on tanks. The AI will straight up CLIMB OVER YOUR TANK with theirs because herp derp can't do basic scripting to tell the AI that I'm fucking sitting here but can make shiny ass sunsets. God damn it BI.
  9. First day of the release I joined a server,Looked around and said "Meh" Then promptly went back to playing Rome.
  10. He came into the primary during a breifing and started shouting "What are you gonna do?" and when we tried to talk to him he repeatedly screamed "FUCKING MUTE ME,I'M GOING TO FUCKING MUTE YOU!" I have no clue what the hell he was talking about.
  11. Name:Cosmonaut Position: Squad leader,Rifleman,AT. Staff: Yeah,If you need some help.
  12. Just like 'Nam all over again,Fucking pacifists get us into this shit in the first place and then pull us out before we can finish...
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