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    Military strategy, lifeguarding, surfing, international relations, disaster research, horror, surreality, neon (aesthetically), radioactivity, business strategy, Shintoism, moss (aesthetically), philosophy of science, cosmology, Mandarin and coffee (sensually along with, y'know).
  1. We need more spontaneous sessions as this!
  2. Ouch, the final process described does sound a little frustrating, it's the kind of looting routine which had DayZ/Rust/Ark as swept underneath the Battle Royale field! With this and streams, I'm thinking I'll be patient to wait until the release for more of a better idea to the outcome - I have other titles to distract me at least!
  3. So, as y'all enjoy ArmA 3 with adequate modsets, I trust your feedback - is this title any good? It looks very promising and detailed, I'm almost reminded of Escape Chernarus in ArmA 2 with the name, but as there's no reviews available, I'm hesitant to invest into the beta! How are the modular weapons? Ballistic system? Is it highly tactical? Lately, I've been appreciating PUBG, which is very derivative from the core mechanics of ArmA except movement (sad face), and I'm hopeful this could be another successor?
  4. Wow, someone else knows of this?!?!?!? SUPPORTS IT?!?!?? This will always be my #1 game, I have over 2000 hours since it changed from an atmosphere simulator to this mafia-esque title of insane depth. I mainly play as either Captain or Security, but with my time invested, I am pretty versatile at all roles. It raised Byond as a platform for weeboo fan tributes (RIP Mitadake High) to a service devoted to THIS - shame it's always restricted to it, sigh, for prejudice! HUGELY recommend to *everyone*, each profession has a deep, unique role for the station and the dynamics between them, including the completely interactive station, is unparalleled.
  5. This is brilliant for CQC as TBS, it really reminds me of SWAT 4.
  6. Any feedback on this? As it was a collaboration, I am worried about alterations, of course, from the Red Dragon formula which I regard highly as HoI's.
  7. I think it'd be positive thematically and interest as a historical perspective. Additionally, I'd posit ArmA 3 is played similarly to World War 2 as a conflict - our tactics will be interchangeable.
  8. I'm hoping these changes improve the complexity to entertain/specialise medics - they are basically enjoying/playing a subsystem of ArmA 3 that's designed.
  9. This is a basic skill to infantryman as with formations and any NCO doesn't have time to micromanage it. Spacing and cover are imperative as concise, closed communication. Happily reaffirming this.
  10. As I always say when encouraging new leadership (which is invaluable as an addition) - be advisory, not patronizing, and explain any suggestions in detail for them to learn through these. People should not overwhelm them, too, in suggestions or act forceful in contradiction.
  11. This is against SOP, ban them. User received a warning point for this post.
  12. Didn't we play together, right, and you kicked ass? I think I recollect such.
  13. Orochi main here as well. I am ready and prepared.
  14. Limey

    CO22 Co-ops v6

    A few medics claimed the medical system was dysfunctional and I think this deserves a little investigation.
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