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  1. Duplicate Account - Merged/Banned User received a warning point for this post.
  2. That is what I get for trusting google's "I'm feeling lucky" function.
  3. OR http://static1.squarespace.com/static/4f34530ecb12e336a9dfe29c/t/5330870fe4b0fe96811208c5/1395689233350/ Take your pick.
  4. Don't know how this community is about Vietnam but: I have fond memories of some Vietnam scenarios in ARMA 2 with a couple of buddies. I like Rising Storm, but it's not my favorite, a bit too gamey in some aspects. Anyone know how to embed youtube links? Edited: Nevermind, guess it is automatic.
  5. I named myself after a guy who surrendered Jerusalem because common sense led him to deduct that the siege was hopeless, but making terms would ensure survival of the people inside. I misspelled it to make it my own.
  6. Hey there! My name is Balien. I'm a recent ARMA 3 convert from ARMA 2 and was waiting for ACE to make the switch over, so far I have really enjoyed it. I was looking for an open group to sign up with and found you guys. I've been around the block a bit as far as private and open communities, but never really found one quite like this. I look forward to playing with you guys soon.
  7. It looks like it ended pretty amicably all things considered. Their first post is a bit illiterate though... http://www.reddit.com/r/EridanusInsurrection/comments/31lvvl/priority_message_incoming/
  8. Reading through all the various posts about me that I could not see before has really hit me hard, I had no idea that I had pissed people off so completely just from my forum activity. I did not do it for my own pleasure or joy, I generally felt extremely shitty after arguing so vehemently against users in those threads, as though I disagree with them, I do respect their positions and concerns. I am quick to defend my position and have taken it too far in the past, but it was never with the intent of angering others or making myself feel better, I was just defending my opinion against what has been a generally hostile environment for any detracting voices. Shortly before this ban was processed, I conversed with some members that I respect and found the truth in it all: the drama isn't worth it. When I said it in the state of UO thread, I meant it, it should be about the game, not about arguing with each other pointlessly about how UO should be. So this may be my last post at UO and in it I have found the absolute irony of it all: I am fulfilling my promise, I am stepping away from the forums now, if you hear from me again, it will only be in game.
  9. I would like to inquire why these were not included to begin with? The thread has been up since the 20th apparently, but was not published until today. As I have said before, we can talk about your concerns with my behavior but you did not and have not done this.
  10. Why exactly was I not informed of the fact that a ban was being planned for me? Not a single person attempted to officially inform me of any wrongdoing or disagreement. This is just absolutely shady in every way. I have one ban and six warning points, the ban was minor and the warning points are not for charter violations. You know this ban is not within the scope of 4.1.2 and you know how massively screwed up this is on a personal level. I have made my position entirely clear in my previous post on the status of UO thread. I have no intention, nor have I ever attempted to do any of the things you are trying to ban me for, next time, it would be beneficial to approach me outside of the forums, I am perfectly willing to discuss my conduct with anyone willing to step forward to do so.
  11. What? No issues have been raised, personal or private against me at any time. I have at no point attempted to "rail" against the charter or supplant its core values. I have at no point made missions contrary to the charter of United Operations. Why not just talk to me? I am open to discussing any issues that you or others may have.
  12. Perhaps everyone should just step away from the forums for a while as it seems most of the issues come from that side of UO. If you notice, Seabass only had 3 bans and all of them were minor, it was idealogical and political differences in interpretation of the charter that he was removed for: People who can't take it, but feel absolutely free to deal it out. This is not an indictment of all regulars, nor of the way UO works, the charter is as it is and although I disagree with many here on just how militant the recent administration has been in weeding out those they interpret as problem players, many of whom have no/few bans on record, you are entitled to doing whatever you want, frankly I just want to play games and I do not want political differences to prohibity me from doing so. I have realized that most players do not care about the political aspect of this community so I have now decided to walk away from this and any further forum activity in regards to this particular group of topics, it is simply not worth the amount of bad blood it seems to have stirred up. Such is the state of UO. It would be nice to have a community where the primary goal is to be friends who play together, not many factions arguing over what their friends said about each other and slander each other behind their collective backs, a community where it is not necessary to be two faced in the interest of political clout and goals. TL;DR of it: Can't we all just get along and play some games without drama?
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