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  1. Yeah Haggerty I'm just working on models at the moment. I've been playing around with Trenches though. Heres my latest idea:
  2. Upholds the standards I like to see at UO.
  3. Blue makes a good team mate in game and has never displayed hostility, incompetence or immaturity towards others (in my opinion).
  4. http://i.imgur.com/LaqBJaS.jpg
  5. I've opened a thread at BI. Updates will now likely be posted here. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/201156-wip-terrain-benzopila/
  6. One less person to pressure slot into SL all the time. . Stay safe.
  7. I'll have to look into the Alive mod. I'm only vaguely familiar with it. In my mind I think a persistent event spanning the length of any other event would negate a lot of the issues with low player count that you've all thoughtfully raised (Rambo and spoiling efforts). More so a mission that lasts 4-6 hours containing dynamic objectives that could change depending on the outcome of the prior one. I wouldn't expect a low player count in the middle of such a time-frame. Maybe even having side-missions for the "dead" might hold the player base while they are no longer present in the operation around main objectives. It would also help to cut down a lot of the administration and organisation required to start a completely different mission every time during each event which extends the down-time and possibly hampers the ability for some players to stick around for multiple missions. That said I suppose it begins to sound like a seeder mission although the seeder mission is generally designed to be a re-playable game type targeted at the 1-10 range before the mission is changed to something more deliberate as the server grows. I'm interested to see what considerations people feel are necessary in a technical sense. Could the Alive mod make things far more simple than hand made scripted events? Lots to consider. Perhaps a Bridge Too Far.
  8. I certainly enjoy the experience here at UO. I think we can all agree that it equates to a nice balance of Mil-Sim style of game-play without the stiff organisation of dedicated Mil-Sim units. We come and go as we please. A value which makes UO a constantly active, attractive and dynamic place to play (even if you average 250ms ping and 6am log-ons). The majority of missions are very good. Some almost genius in their originality, made by a base of mission makers who are very dedicated to providing an interesting spectrum of game-play. I wanted to clear that up before anyone thinks I am currently unsatisfied with what we have. I am not. I purely want to explore a concept I would like to discuss the "Persistent" style of missions I hear about in and around the ARMA 3 community. A concept that seems to suggest a more immersive experience. Here I hope to start a discussion about people's ideas and thoughts regarding "persistent" game-play. Is it possible? Would it be better suited to events? How would one keep a mission going without suffering server death when people are killed? How do you make a flexible scenario where the number of players online does not impact the continuity of the mission? How do you overcome the fact that it's a game and therefore the pace of combat is quick and fearless? How would you re-integrate players back into the mission without creating just another King Of the Hill match? Is this something people even want? Does this already exist substantially in other places? How do you handle logisitics? Do we have the content required for such a thing? So many questions. I'm curious as to what philosophies are out there regarding the matter. My first thoughts are that if it could be done, the Team vs Team (TVT) style of mission would make for the most dynamic and interesting form of persistent game-play. For all actions to be accountable to people's decisions would seem to hold more weight on the outcome as opposed to one side being scripted in their actions (Co-Op). Also that re-spawning players in squads (however that may be handled) would retain more structure and co-ordination rather than individual reintegration into the mission. I look forward to any input on the idea.
  9. Dr Pastah, I unlike others present in the channel at the time did not have your Teamspeak volume attenuated lower (from previous incidents involving soundbite spamming). The soundbite destroyed my ears and came without warning. The recording posted above was from another user present in the channel and your soundbite is STILL louder than everything else being transmitted. I did not push for a permaban. I did however ask an Officer to look into the incident. I encourage you to appeal but please stop the behavior that you've been confronted about and banned for previously.
  10. LINK TO MY LATEST SCREENSHOT DUMP (20+ Screenshots): http://imgur.com/a/sEedj So I burnt out on the map and I've had week off. Back to it and I'm now looking into Iron Front Lite buildings for my terrain. They are the best buildings found in Arma 3 for an east-bloc setting. They all have interiors, working doors and damage models. I'm currently testing to see if they are stable. I'm also getting through the forestation faster now. IB4> Yeah there's fog in half the shots. Chainsaw out.
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