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  1. Ban reduced to 'time served'.
  2. This is wrong. Whoever explained that traitors TKing was fine and part of the game was wrong. <br/>As a Traitor, you may not KOS or attack a fellow Traitor under any circumstances except for Self Defense.
  3. Signing myself, Wolfie and Mark for a boat. J.Clark will also be in our boat.
  4. Player: TheLocalPub A3 PID: 76561198018806047 TS3 ID: 3qpnIBWMeYmcyjmntWJzG7hU6A4= Length: Permanent Reason: 4.1.2 - Posting of mass murder livestream in discord. Processor: VPope User has also been warned in the past for involvement in creating a school shooter mission: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/29232-thelocalpub/&do=findComment&comment=336487, over which the user failed to admit wrongdoing and became argumentative. User has also been warned in the past for posting inappropriate content in discord: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/29232-thelocalpub/&do=findComment&comment=336594
  5. Thanks for sharing, Pub. If, for whatever reason people want a more detailed handbook on NATO Symbology, here's a link to the APP-6(C) guide. It goes over and explains a lot of the symbols used. A lot aren't really applicable to ArmA, so bear that in mind. https://www.awl.edu.pl/images/en/APP_6_C.pdf
  6. I disagree, missions can be made just fine using the content we have and stand-ins for content we are lacking. The most important aspect of the missions aren't necessarily the forces fighting, but the mission concept and scheme of play. If Max wants a German-themed event there's no reason really to not do it, so long as its fun for the players and follows a coherent scheme of play. We are capable of making missions that are presentable to other communities with the stuff we have.
  7. [James/C13 Gunner] Also signing up: [John Gamer/C13 Commander] [WA Lancer/C14 Commander] [j0zh94/C14 Gunner]
  8. [James/C22 Gunner] also signing up [JClark/C22 Commander]
  9. Same as above, dependant on the date but am interested.
  10. After much deliberation I am voting no again. VPope and Wolfie's posts have summed up my feeling pretty well, and while before I was more willing to accept the result of the vote as I thought I might've been in a much smaller minority with my views regarding maturity. However after seeing more Regulars raise the same concerns, I'd feel much better to have the time to better see Graham prove himself on the server, once he gets his new setup up and running.
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