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  1. No. If people want to return, they can appeal. If anyone is in contact with someone who wishes to return, encourage them to appeal. I helped Whitehead with his and that worked out fine.
  2. He's not the only UOTC officer.... Regardless though, agree with the others, yes for inactivity, don't see the relevance of years old review posts.
  3. I don't have a vote, but fully concur with this sentiment. Stories of linking polls while admin-ing the server regarding the user base's opinions of women's body weight in recent weeks is not becoming of a GM, heck even a regular. I implore officers to back Impulse and block this.
  4. Player: Nomad A3 PID: 10926eec29f2ff23270ebe1bd9cb9933 TS3 ID: lfoCpfDAHKfOlFManJwnXKH3pYs= Length: 1 Month Reason: 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community. Repeat behavior of Major Disruption Intentional Game Disruption Constant Backtalking Asset Theft - Stealing Vehicles of other Squads/Members/Roles Willful Refusal to follow ingame orders or commands by users in positions outranking, or with situational control above users in question. Disruptive plans for missions or actions which serve place in no Tactical or Cooperative manner. Intent to Disrupt Gameplay. Processor: James User took SL, dropped his radio, dismissed orders by both CO and GM to keep it, backtalking to the GM investigating what was wrong, then lied and try to say he was just a rifleman, despite loudout index showing otherwise. User also disrupted gameplay with two TK's and dismissed advice from a regular regarding his behaviour : Before both of those, user also dismissed warnings to reign in his behaviour by another regular: Link to detailed review post: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/28671-nomad/&do=findComment&comment=337957
  5. So, after weeks of terrible decisions by members of this community, we have concluded what is clearly very objectively UO's favourite Disney film. Thanks to all for participating, here is a suggestion form so we can think of new categories to vote for in the future. https://forms.gle/ZzDXswxJZSoufJps8 Now for the results...: As for any suggestions for future votes please bear in mind: - UO is a community made up of members from all over the world, so pick a category that the majority of members will be able to participate in. - We need to have 32 'teams' in order to fill the brackets, so any category needs to have enough to fill them, more than 32 is fine, we can narrow it down in the same vein we did for this vote.
  6. The Finals!!! So, UO has decided that it will come down between Mulan and WALL-E. and the fight for 3rd is between Toy Story and Up. Time to decide who wins, and who gets third! Get voting! https://forms.gle/fg1sBKCCSYszwiuA6
  7. Apologies, I have been bust this past week and neglected to fulfil my Disney vote duties, but we are here now with the Semifinals! Here is the voting form, get voting! https://forms.gle/YcRp156x7twUdo8n6
  8. Quarterfinals: I'm starting to question you people's tastes. Like damn people, what are some of these choices? Anyway, the next round is up, here are the matchups: Happy voting! https://forms.gle/hRorRoREcUtu94B49
  9. Round of 16: The votes have been cast, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined. You guys really need to watch Moana, goddamn. Regardless, here is the matchup for next round: Here is the form, so get voting! https://forms.gle/rJyfNbxLowgmz8gE6
  10. Round of 32: We have the results of the last round, and have eliminated those with the least votes to narrow it to 32 films for the single-elimination part of the poll. Here are the matchups: The votes are up, get voting again! https://forms.gle/vUYQSznxvnPrNxiC6
  11. That's not in question, this poll only removes the perm, so by default the rest would remain unless another poll removes those, and even if that weren't the case, 4.1.2 is our friend. Yes the dude said some nasty things, but it was 7 years ago. He was still in high school and immature, and as for the ban evasion, we unbanned whitehead, who had been known to have evaded bans on multiple occasions. He was actively evading a ban when he finally had his perm repealed. We can easily give this guy the benefit of the doubt, take his word that he has matured in the years that have passed, unban him, and should he cause problems, immediately re-ban.
  12. Sure, it has been almost 7 years since he was originally permabanned, and 3 years since he was caught for circumventing it. This has been ample time for the user to change and I say give him the chance, we did to Whitehead/XBOCT/blackskimask after all. If he breaks the rules again, we can always re-apply the ban.
  13. So, UO hasn't had good drama in a while, and I have been inspired by an instagram post I saw earlier today: https://i.imgur.com/PeeOi7v.jpg Many of us in the Gulag keep seeing these polls and it always makes us angry, so we are doing a UO edition! (If only to further anger us) We are going to do a series of these, starting with Disney films. First round is simple, we need to decide what films make it to the final brackets, so to eliminate films, each person picks their favourite TWO from each category. The films with the least votes, gets eliminated. Link to the form: REMOVED, see next round below. Happy voting gamers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round of 32: COMPLETE We have the results of the last round, and have eliminated those with the least votes to narrow it to 32 films for the single-elimination part of the poll. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round of 16: COMPLETE See post below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quarterfinals: COMPLETE See post below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Semifinals: Done. See post below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finals! COMPLETE!!! Here are the final results: Here is a challonge link, for those who don't like my amazing photoshop skills. https://challonge.com/mc7vr4s5 Please see post below for suggestion form link.
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