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  1. Please contact me when it becomes Official Tactical Tuesdays thank you
  2. I have contributed several dumb ideas and I hope they do not come to fruition thank you
  3. At the technical school we have 3 movies. Batman Begins, The Lion King, and a scratched copy of the matrix that skips as soon as it gets past the first Trinity shootout scene. We survived by rewatching The Lion King over and over. When voting for your favourite movie please keep intensive replay value in mind.
  4. It will have the same rules as APEX with the only things locked behind the paywall are the use of the island and use of assets in a primary role (using dlc weapons, gear, etc) The map objects are part of a free update available for everyone, so map makers can utilize them freely. I don't think the map is worth ~25 dollars at this point honestly, just like Tanoa is not worth ~15 dollars to play on.
  5. I am bringing 3 Gamers ™ to play as citizens/wastelanders: Faux, Pansen, and Aero.
  6. I mean, this is basically a two line config edit, it can just be made into a UO mod addition, no reason to have a separate steam workshop subscription for it
  7. It helps if you sneak astern on a ship and fire your torpedoes in a wide spread at 300m and run away
  8. Dalltra Faux and I are interested. Faux claims he will not waste all our air when a destroyer is chasing us
  9. Woah SH nostalgia, looks great!
  10. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co12-gulags-night-out-v2-r1290? No Player Slots
  11. UO Framework addon was updated and the NATO briefing setting (was previously just "UO_FW_Briefing_*teamName*") is now "UO_FW_Briefing_*teamName*_NATO" which requires a simple text replacement in the mission file, or opening it in the editor again and enabling the setting and saving. For any compatibility issues in the future I will try and keep track of them. There should be very few in the future (Framework has gone through a major rewrite recently that will be pushed to server in the next week or two)
  12. I would definitely make some 'nam missions. The 'nam missions we had back in A2 were some of the best we played, and with firing from vehicles we have some pretty cool opportunities now
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