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  1. Yes 18 (64.29%) No 10 (35.71%) Poll Passes
  2. Yes 17 (62.96%) No 10 (37.04%) Poll Passes
  3. Nomination fails due to officer vote Yes 0 No 2 (100%)
  4. This poll requires a majority vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2019-09-24. This poll was put up at Regular Request.
  5. This poll requires a majority vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2019-09-24. This poll was put up at Regular Request.
  6. Pending 24h Posted by Officer request
  7. VPope

    Sysadmin Day

    Send Impulse Pizza Happy Sysadmin day !
  8. Poll Fails Yes 53.57% No 46.43%
  9. switch tot he uo theme and it will work. the changes required to fix it are not present in the vanilla theme.
  10. Its worth pointing out that when he was banned the second time around for bypassing his ban as september He outright lied repeatedly in the ban thread despite being confronted with evidence that he was indeed the same user. While It is my opinion that if we are to remove the perm that we should retain the other history, i am not yet sufficiently convinced to vote yes for this poll.
  11. I have added them to the original post.
  12. So only 3 years or knowingly circumventing a permaban ? and when he was banned for 2 weeks he spewed such vitriol and contempt for the community its rules and its admins that it was independently escalated to a perm. Compared Officers/GM's to Nazis Suggested he did not care he was being banned and extolled the virtues of his alternative community Granted these statements were made 7 years ago, but the fact he registered a new account within a year of his perma and continued to use it up until he was found out clearly shows that at least up until that time he was happy to continue to disregard the rules of the community, and also that his statement about not caring he was removed were false. In this ban thread where he was discovered to be playing under another alias it took two days before he admitted it. He went so far as to deny it even when presented with all the evidence that j0zh presented. Going so far as to accuse members of photo shopping evidence to get him banned. All that being said in his statement he accepts the record as it stands and wants to move past them, this is a willingness to own his actions that we did not see in the past. We have also unbanned people with far worse records than this. I have stated in the past that I believe that no one is beyond redemption and as such i would propose the following. If we vote to remove the perm then it would expunge only the one permanent ban, leaving the rest of the ban record intact, this would in effect put the account onto a one strike state where the previous ban history being used as escalation would result in a perm for the first offence. If there is an issue with a relapse of conduct then it would be possible to remove the user, if after a period of time there has been no indication of a return to the old behavure then a poll for the removal of historic bans could be made if it was deemed appropriate. Thoughts ?
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