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  1. UO Framework 1.0.4 added Added Legacy mission support switches for functions: EGVAR(Core,Version_UpdatedNumber) and EGVAR(Core,Version_CreatedNumber) available in PreInit past EGVAR(Core,Enabled) check. Can be used for specific function changes and redirects based on version changes. Functions specific to an older version should be placed in an additional \Legacy\ folder. Gear System CBA Events for loading 3den attribute unit and vehicle loadouts, as well as forcing specific loadouts to units and vehicles. stringtable.xml and corresponding macros. Gear System gear type config macro for later editing and addition of gear types. EDEN_CHECK macro to exit on !is3den state. VERSION_CHECK(VERSIONNUM) macro to exit on below VERSIONNUM input: eg. VERSION_CHECK(103) exits script if version is 102 or below. Added Gear Preset selection system. Added USMC 1980s Woodland gear preset. Added US 1960s Woodland gear preset. Added UK 2015 MTP gear preset. Added UK 1980s Woodland gear preset. Added UK 2010s MTP gear preset. Added UK 1980s Desert gear preset. Added MSV 1980s Woodland gear preset. Added Iraq 1980s Desert gear preset. Added Insurgents 90s Woodland gear preset. Changed Gear system now applies loadouts via EH inside 3den instead of on mission init. AI Drivers activation through InitPost. Hostage activation through InitPost. ACRE add radio event now removes all radios before adding defined radios. SafeStart defaults to lowered and on safe but no longer emptied magazine. Start in Parachute activation through InitPost. ACRE module adds radios to the ground if it cannot fit them in unit gear. Safe Start adds unloaded magazine to the ground if it cannot fit it in unit gear. Briefing Module displays tabs conditionally based on content (no longer shows empty tabs or entries). Fixed Macro for SelfActions Cfg CfgClasses. Cut Grass Animation EH View Map Self Action condition AO Limit Soft Notification CaptureZone var and teamcontrolling var End Conditions CaptureZone checking End Conditions attribute AttrLoad and AttrSave Debug display naming Olsen gear script system is now functional! Docs available here. Removed HeadlessAI and FireMission modules have been put on ice for the time being. (Their not dead, at least for now.) Known Issues Players in vehicles do not properly freeze at the end of missions caused by end-conditions triggering. AutoAssetTracking does not properly track vehicle statistics due to improperly used macro.
  2. I was hoping for more feedback and less issues ... I will look into the calendar issues later today.
  3. Feedback Please be delicate we have been working on this for some time and are prone to outbursts of hold-the-door feats of senseless destruction. Issue reporting There are many issues with the forum, it is very much an in progress project. NO reports relating to the "UO" Theme, its in development and is NOT supported. Yes the default theme is bright we know, wear sunglasses. The "Articles" (former News) page is blank, fallout from old code and will be fixed. The missions database formatting is broken, all the data is there but its a little ugly. This will be addressed, or purged with holy fire later. Reports of other users being unable to access the new forums before Monday the 11th of Feb will be disregarded. Go read up on DNS for further details. ISSUES TO BE REPORTED WITH THE FOLLOWING DETAILS URL of issue reported Time and date of issue. Does the issue effect other users. Screenshots help. In the event an issue is related to sensitive account information please submit this to the complaints/suggestions box support case. Known issues Will be updated here. azzwort retard point, logo link does not go to news because news is broke see above point 4. CORE_PFIELDGROUPS_2 shown in profiles Users unable to reply to event posts in news section Fixed Closing notes I can speak with confidence on behalf of the WSO team that we have expended out limited sanity on this upgrade, Those of you that have been on TS during the past three weekends will attest that I now exist in a rather severe sanity deficit. rest assured our fractious minds will not prevent us addressing the remaining tasks all be it at a rather slower pace that with which the core forum upgrade has taken place.
  4. Security SSL - SSL is now on by default with http disallowed, all site traffic now encrypted. 2FA - Two factor authentication is now supported and recommended for all users, this may be enforced at a later date. GDPR - New compliant privacy policy and procedures in place. reCAPCHAv3 - Sweet Sweet spam prevention. Account Status OLD Subscription/Donor Status set to expire, once your account expires from the old billing system the new billing system will need to be repurchased. New Donor Member / Regular / Officer items created in the store and will have to be purchased when current status expires. Voting Regular status - regulars with expired payment can no longer vote in polls until they renew. The group "Donor Regulars" grants voting rights Store Advertisement Removal - Now set to expire, Rolled into General Donor Status (Reg/Officer+Member) Server Fund Changes Set to Auto Expire and not Renew Community Funding Donations now added as a Subscriptions (A sub Category of Store) These have been changed to 5/10/25 rates per month. These items are a trial run of the new subscription tier. Teamspeak barracks channels - Billing cycle has been altered to a 3/6/12 month payment to minimise transaction fee losses. 12 monthly price represents the same as previous, 6/3 increased to incentive's annual renewals. Improved store layout - Much easier to find your past orders, personal details ect. Order tracking - Billing system should track payments going forward, should eliminate incorrectly reported donor status. Registrations New user registrations - Re-enabled. System emails - New user registration / user password reset emails should deliver correctly from now on. Support system New support system allowing submission of support requests added, Please note these are for billing and or account related issues on the forums. Solicitation of a technical support, community drama or religious nature will be deleted. Theme Currently a "UO" theme is being developed and is accessible via the theme selection at the bottom of the site, it very much in development and is unsupported at this time. Mobile OS Support We now support mobile browsers Offline Services Wiki - A new wiki page has been installed but lacks content currently , the old wiki has been kept and content will start to be migrated over once authentication issues are resolved. UOSIM - From this point is no longer supported and will be discontinued and an undermined date in the future. AAR - Has been broken for some time and remains offline, no timeline on a replacement service at present web works to be completed first. Auth - Has been broken for some time and remains offline, will not be fixed in its current form, development of a replacement is ongoing. FTP - Files to be migrated from old server and re published. Please post any feedback or report issues in the feedback thread.
  5. Red and Tanks comparability fix UO Framework update
  6. Player: Spacepeddler A3 PID: N/A TS3 ID: N/A Length: Permanent, until appeal Reason: Literary equivalent of micspam/ general shit posting Processor: VPope User has no forum account nor TS activity and has been consistently posting memes /edgy content to get a rise out of people. Given that the user is not even a user given lack of account applying the "web SOP's apply to all services" clause and invoking micspam perm rule.
  7. Poll passes Yes (37 votes [80.43%]) No (9 votes [19.57%])
  8. CBA > 3.9.1 UOMODS_A3 UO Framework fix 1.7Gb of German Heavy Metal
  9. This was the first day you were able to get onto the server. Statement is therefore correct. No one accused you of screaming, your admission of action proves this point. Admitting you fired at someones feet as apposed to accidentally, no one said repeatedly. Since 2014 you have accumulated 3 previous bans for mic-spam, negligent discharge, major game disruption. A string of offences all related to lack of maturity, the first line of the charter clearly sets out the expectation of maturity from all users. Your desire to paint this as an injustice against members by regulars is a non starter, the charter applies to all users your failure to uphold those standards would apply regardless of membership status. Enforcement of the community rules does not constitute personal attacks, UO is a unique community and it is my hope that you return after this ban and are able to participate without relapse into the same pattern of disruption. You are correct there are many other places you can go to play arma and you are welcome to do so.
  10. Player: Nimble A3 PID: ab77be88feee87f10a36101aa9cb42d2 TS3 ID: gqvJOJn/32Jfy2QwLpLOuUw0tSg= TS3 ID: xn5uhIaXcLX+C0ecfi5xtjbYtTA= Length: 3 Month 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community. All Major Disruptions in an Intentional Aspect Intentional Teamkilling Intentional Game Disruption 1.1 Maturity Reason: On CO34 Poppy Fields, Nimble discharged his firearm at someone's feet in the assembly area in order to get their attention (after attempting to assemble users for prayer, when they refused he took it on himself to run over and shot at their feet to once again demand they assemble for prayer) . Lacks maturity overall. All this on the FIRST DAY after his last ban was removed. People who are incapable of adherence to even the most basic core tenants of the community are not welcome here. Processor: VPope Previous Bans: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/29247-ban-nimble/ http://forums.united...mble/?hl=nimble http://forums.united...mble/?hl=nimble
  11. This poll requires a simple majority vote lasting 2 weeks, ending on 2019-01-18. This poll was put up at Regular Request.
  12. or you could just play PS2 ? ... whats the difference ?
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