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  1. Cant make it sorry. Please remove me from the training. Thanks
  2. Please disregard my last post. I can make it. Doing Famil. training day before.
  3. Bevan

    Hey All!

    I don't recall this myself. Perhaps you are mistaken? I don't know. Usually I respond to orders and listen well, so it just doesn't sound like me. Well, my name is more known to you guys now, so hopefully I can get some more positive comments in the future! See you on the battlefield!
  4. Bevan

    Hey All!

    I just didnt like having to lead others, and preferred my role as AT, blowing stuff up!
  5. Nick:- BevanAge:- 27Location:- Osaka, Japan / England Hi there, I'm looking to join United Operations. After hearing about you from a friend and watching a few videos and playing some games on the primary server for a few weeks, I have to say I am quite impressed. I know you have to be on the forums for 45 days, so I guess this is day one of my wait!.... Here is a little about me - I'm Bevan, 27 years old and living in Osaka, Japan. I have previously served in the British Army, as an Observation Post Assistant. Not for a long time though, due to medical reasons. But I know the basics, have a good attitude and good discipline. I have been playing Arma 2 for about 7-8 months now. I have previous experience of playing in a tactical team using ACE, ACRE and a few other mods. The team was 75th Ranger Regiment. I joined in August 2012 and was in for 3 months, until the team disbanded. During that short time, I was promoted from RCT-PVT-PFC-CPL. This just shows my abilities are not something to be overlooked. However, I did not enjoy being a CPL, as I preferred to be in the thick of the action, not giving orders. So I requested to be demoted back to PFC. During my time with the 75th, I was given the role of AT. I proved to be a master at this role and was made AT Instructor for the rest of the Platoon and new recruits.Even though I have bits of experience, I can still learn a lot from you. I have seen numberous training videos of yours on youtube and they are nothing short of amazing. I really look forward to recieving that training from you. and getting to know more of you in-game!Regards, Bevan.
  6. I've recently joined the forums and this guide was great when I first started playing with you guys! Thanks OP!
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