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  1. Ban is legit, throw the cuffs on me.
  2. Looks pointless to me, people are still gonna have the excuse for anything that "They wanted to have fun". Fun is not only existent in the charter. It's everywhere. But, either way the yes vote for this poll is more beneficial than the no vote. So I would vote yes.
  3. Was a witness of this and can confirm.
  4. Once I got back to base, I was asking if we could call the mission because the ANA were at base, which the mission said "Extract ANA from hill Mike". But the Mission Notes had end conditions that said "Blufor and ANA at base", which I was unaware of and a honest mistake. It was a debate between me a few others (Not Verox) and sure I could of been wrong, I was confused between the "Mission" and the "Mission Notes End Conditions". So then Verox says to me (do not remember word by word) "Look at the end conditions you dumb cunt" in a aggressive tone. I said "Don't call me a dumb cunt" and started to walk away to avoid arguments. Then I get shot in the head.
  5. I didn't even know how to hold the puck for more than 5 seconds. Was fun though, especially the checking into each other. And getting wrecked by booleanz when it was a 1v4 =(.
  6. Calling American Football a slow sport, how about that Baseball? *LET'S GO BRONCOS!*
  7. Good luck! I'll be waiting to kick your ass in TvTs again.
  8. I did indeed have a sandwich for lunch.
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