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  1. When i go in-game, the acre connection to teamspeak keeps timing out and recovering, but most of the time stays timed out. my radio nor my regular speaking doesnt function, and if it does, only temporarily. i have teamspeak 3.0.12 and im also running it as administrator, idk what the problem is
  2. no connotation or denotation of the race, i simply said "jew" because it rhymes with "new". It was a simple association due to the rhyming sounds between both words. Ridiculous, absurd, and misinterpreted are the most fitting words to describe this ban and the events that led to it. The GM who banned me was also doing so in a "lighthearted" manner, which is utterly unprofessional. I do not appreciate my time being wasted having to deal with GM's who believe they are in the right when mislead interpretations of events guide them to making a hasty judgement. To Scope: Next time ask what my intention was by saying that before jumping to conclusions which ended in me being banned.
  3. Fighter, let me put it another way. I just got out of a ban, was a little bit shooken, and i was automatically slotted into the black hawk. When i started to fly it and you sent the side channel message with the words "fly" "fuck" and "ban" i thought that you had meant if i flew it i would get banned. I also read the message late so i thought you were already going to ban me. I tried to make it obvious that i did not mean to fly it if i was going to get banned so i hurried down which is what caused the helicopter to explode. If you want to test my capabilities on a helicopter then i would be more than glad to, but when i saw those three words i shit myself and dying was the last thing on my mind because i thought i was about to get banned again.
  4. Jesus christ, i thought you said that i would get banned for flying it, because i was also wondering why nobody had slotted in earlier. I had just gotten out of a ban so i freaked tried to get down as fast as i could. i understand now because you quoted it so now I see that you were telling me just to be careful. What also made me freak out was that you said it in side channel, since side channel should not be used for any reason, i thought you were going to tell me that if i flew the helicopter i would get banned.
  5. Let this be my appeal: I was approaching the LZ, it was all going good the squad leader in the helicopter was already telling people to get ready to get out. I started lagging really bad, around 4 FPS and I did not want the littlebird to lose control so the only thing i could do was put it on auto-hover. However, since i was going forward, the auto-hover feature brought my nose up and tail down and I did not expect for the tail to go down much but i could not risk the littlebird from losing control. All I saw was the littlebird tilt in a weird angle on one frame (thats when i knew i had hit something) and then the next frame was the dead screen; I could not even see what happened exactly because of the lag. I realized soon after that the lag was caused by a video add from my chrome browser. I apologize for the inconvenience and for killing the other 5 men in the helicopter, and it was not a street lamp that i hit, it was the edge of a building with my tail because my helicopter tilted upwards crashing the tail on the building. I would not have put on the auto-hover if not for the lag i was experiencing. Thank you.
  6. Luiz, you misunderstood. I was referring to catching other people on fire when i stated "I did not do so with intentional purposes". The mission was minutes from ending and let me inform you that I JUST joined UO about 5 days ago. I saw 3 others going to go kill themselves, and everyone else who wasn't going to was derping on chat because again, there were a few minutes before it ended, and there was no way for us to get to the battlefield because there was no transportation. THIS means we were isolated from the rest of the game and we had no communication with anybody. So I will put my defense in order: 1. Mission was about to end. 2. unlimited respawns. 3. everyone was derping. 4. i just joined so i was uninformed that i would get banned for killing myself 5. we were in complete isolation, with no possible way of making it back to the battlefield or our objective. 6. no contact with anyone else but the ones around us. 7. everyone witnessed and made remarks without stating i would get banned for doing this (let me remind you im a noob and that i followed by example) Again it is absurd that i get banned right off the bat without getting a slap on the wrist first, ive seen people do much worse around here without any sort of punishment given to them. It's unfair that just because Synxe highly disagreed with what i was doing and took the initiative to get me banned without a defense or warning, that i actually get banned. This is all so very one-sided.
  7. Guys i was never gonna fire my at4, i was just asking if there was a policy for firing without reason. You said no, and i obeyed orders. Now for the fire, i wanted to kill myself so i caught myself on fire, when i went back to the group, one guy was really close to me and he almost caught on fire, i did not know it would be spread so easily since i was trying to catch on fire for at least 5 minutes. When i approached the group i was told to go west 100m, but i got kicked as i started running west. Some of the other men were shouting and saying they will set fire to people but i feel like im getting blamed for this when in fact i did not do so with intentional purposes. I do not see this a viable reason to be banned and i have presented my defense, if is enough to repeal this decision i would be grateful if it is done so.
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