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  1. Soon after Prime Minister Harper intervened in Syria/Iraq the terror level was raised and this event occurred after the raising of the terror level. I've only seen local police beefing up their patrols and security of Government/Military buildings as well as memorials. There has been a patrol car sitting at the Provincial Legislature Building as well as the Reserve base here for past two days. I wouldn't be surprised if security continues to increase over the next few days.
  2. Micheal Zehaf-Bibeau has been identified as the deceased shooter. Two sources tell CNN that Bibeau was a convert to Islam and had a history of drug use before he converted. So there is your possible link to ISIS, now we have two Canadian Soldiers who have died during the fight against ISIS and these soldiers weren't even actively deployed, but reservists.
  3. Ottawa Police have confirmed the death of the Canadian Armed Forces member, says CBC. The Director of Communications for the Office of the Prime Minister released a statement on behalf of the Prime Minister regarding the event, but made no comment on the death of the soldier. Multiple other politicians and News Agencies have released statements regarding the death of the soldier saying that it has occurred.
  4. Got the CNN notification on my phone whilst in mathematics class today. Classes were not the same that day as everyone was worried about what was occurring in our capital. I've also been recently informed that I am to not wear my Cadet uniform at all until further notice, seeing that our uniform is very similar if not identical to that of the Canadian Forces and we could be a target. The Canadian Forces also issued a statement saying that several Canadian Forces Bases would be close off to the public and have stepped up security. I'm trying to see if Parliament was in session or if there was a Question Period during the shooting to see the reaction from within the building. But it seems at the moment the only thing that is live is the press release by the Chief of Police for Ottawa.
  5. I'm perfectly capable of role playing, I've played CK2 and other Paradox games with large groups before with ease.
  6. I would love to attend. But due to other activities I'l only be capable of playing on Saturday. Is this okay?
  7. Bagpiper here, a couple years in piano as well.
  8. I have a question regarding your DCS missions. I've noticed that you only seem to use the A-10C when it comes to DCS mission, but I was wondering if you use any other aircraft. I've been pondering over purchasing DCS: F-15C (Either that, or Flaming Cliffs 3) and I was wondering if I would be capable of using it in the missions you play. Also if Flaming Cliffs 3 compatible with DCS: A-10C ?? Thanks!!
  9. I can't even begin to understand... http://gyazo.com/be3f76f08e4a5ede95856e993fa08f07
  10. I'll continue to research round types and see what is overall best for my needs. It seems I am stuck between choosing the Tikka T3 CTR or the Tikka T3 Varmint, I'll make my final choice when I choose a round that is available in those rifles. Starting simple is what I'm trying to do, for all I know this could be a hobby that I may get bored of in a few years and then dump. I don't want to then look back and regret spending thousands of dollars into not just the kit overall, but thousands of dollars into an optic. If this is a hobby that I will stick with in the future then yeah of course I can invest more as I will more than likely have a decent job and good money by then. I'll stress this again, I still have several months before I purchase this rifle so things could change.
  11. Looks like I will have to drop the CRT or find one with a 22-250 or similar.
  12. Then yeah I may be interested in doing it, selling the pelts could pay for ammunition for the season!
  13. Well, I thought about keeping the furs. My mother doesn't really like the whole idea behind killing things so she wouldn't want them in the house. I could always try and sell them off (assuming that is legal).
  14. Well, if both rifles are relativity the same price and the CTR is better or so you say, I don't see why I shouldn't buy the CTR over the varmint. The magazine capacity does not exceed the legal limit, barrel length does not go under the legal limit, threaded barrel for a muzzle device is legal (suppressors are a big no-no). I'll have to purchase the rifle on a separate site from Cabela's Canada (they don't carry it) and it seems the only Canadian company that carries it is Grouse River (never heard of them, but they're a big company and look trustworthy). Thanks! Edit: Also the rifle only seems to be available in a .308, which scares me a little. Should I try and look at Cabela's or even Bass Pro and see if they can get that rifle in a smaller caliber? I intend to go coyote hunting so I would most likely need a smaller caliber.
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