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  1. Hopefully I get this response in just before the poll closes. Many of you may have been questioning my lack of response so far. This was intentional, as I do not believe now is the appropriate time for this poll or for it to pass., and I do not wish it to do so. The nominator for this poll put it up with my express lack of consent as part of an attempt to build a voting bloc in preperation for the UOTC fight that might be ahead : a transparent political ploy that I certainly did not wish for my proverbial wagon to be hitched to and one I think he may not understand my political stance on (change is not always bad). I was not particularly happy when I discovered Tuesday night that he had gone forward with it after our last talk, especially given the *incredible* low effort put into the original post; I initially thought about simply not accepting the nomination and closing the poll, but, politics aside, it was a friend trying to do something nice for me, even if he did not fully understand how potentially controversial my nomination was; it also served as a excellent method of receiving concerns about past behavior and identifying areas to improve upon going forward. I would also like to address some of the criticism - Firstly, my involvement in UOTC - Over the past year I have been assigned to run three Famil courses and ran two (Kail covered one when I had a real life event). I have also been developing three courses (one of which I ran this week, and the other two to run in the weeks following) that have been stuck in development hell for eight months now. It does not surprise me that other members of UOTC are not aware of these as I have only shared my work in progress with Azzwort. It also does not surprise me that the belief is I have only run one Famil course: I missed one and the other I was listed as Siggy, not S4dGuy in the instructor slot. Secondly, the morphine teamkill and the lack of apology - I have always personally found public apologies to seem incredibly insincere - done with false humility and only in an attempt to reduce punishment. The crashing of that helicopter was a wrong in two parts: playing while drinking heavily, and making the choice to negatively impact my fellow players by killing a pilot; choices that I wholeheartedly apologize for and sincerely wish I had not made. When the ban was issued I resolved to take it on the nose; I had done wrong twice and deserved the ban wholly. From the responses here, however, I conflated my own personal views on public apologies in ban threads with the community's view: that they are good, necessary, and expected. Thirdly, my taste in pizza (since that is important) - Not only have I provided free pizza to other community members via the short-lived Operation Pizza Party as a demonstration to my commitment to delicious taste, but I FIRMLY believe that pineapple is a pizza topping, and a damn good one. Fourthly, Wolfie. This is a shitpost. Actually, this goes beyond shitpostery. This is an outright fabrication unbecoming of any Regular, much less a newly minted one who has supposedly "changed". It is neither professional nor mature, and lying for political purposes is certainly not respectful of any member here or the community as a whole. In all my years here at United Operations, I have disrupted the server *once*. I have teamkilled *twice*, the heli crash and a backblast incident back in A2. I have *never* disrupted a slotting or briefing, verbally or by any other means, and I would challenge anyone to provide evidence to the contrary. While on the server I do my utmost to uphold all aspects of the Charter and SOPs and to impress upon others the proper way to uphold both their letter and intent; to play the game and missions the way they were designed to be played; to be respectful of each other and the server. I don't quote the Charter and GS SOP's by heart because I don't believe in them.
  2. This was originally posted in the UOTC subforum since I'm an idiot Who: Anyone What: Mortar Fire Direction and Fire Planning When: Thursday August 9th, 2018 at 0300Z (Note: This is Wednesday August 8th at 2200 Central Daylight Time) Where: Svr 2 Why: To equip players with the knowledge to command a section of mortars and plan fires in support of platoon and company sized elements. Session will consist of three parts: Instruction, discussion, and practice of direct fire, Instruction, discussion and practice of indirect fire and fire correction, and instruction and discussion of effects of mortar fire missions in planning and fire planning for small sized elements. Note: if you would like to attend this course and cannot due to the very American time - send me a pm with a time that would work better for you and I will attempt to organize another session in European time with enough interest.
  3. This was originally posted in the UOTC subforum since I'm an idiot Who: Anyone What: Mortar Equipment, Organization, and Procedure Familiarization When: August 1th, 2018 at 0200Z Where: Svr 2 Why: To equip leaders, mission makers, and players unfamiliar to mortars with the knowledge necessary to properly set up and utilize mortars in tactical play. Session will consist of three parts: Introduction to all mortars and mortar equipment in the modpack, discussion and practical instruction of organization, loadout, movement, setup, and mission balancing of mortar systems at platoon and company level, and a practical of mortar fire from the gunner's point of view. Note: if you would like to attend this course and cannot due to the very American time - send me a pm with a time that would work better for you and I will attempt to organize another session in European time with enough interest.
  4. TVT60 Two Bridges V1
  5. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one Slider. At the time, sure the Arma 2 playerbase was diminishing, and would likely have kept diminishing further; but that "diminishing" playerbase here at UO was still larger than our current playerbase, with games at all hours even if they were just shitty seeders. The ability for Arma 2 players to A) check out the server whenever they liked and see United Operations - SRV 1 in the top ten serverlist by playercount at basically all times of the day was huge for our ability to attract and sustain players. Arma 3 was all but dead on arrival at this community. No ACE, no ACRE, few missions, and fewer good ones, no US/Sov stuff, I mean for fuck's sake we were using the ancient and lost art of Teamspeak Commanders! It took over a year for Arma 3 and it's mods to be in a state that supported our style of play, and it showed. Everyone who was in the habit of playing during the weekdays fucked off to other servers, we no longer had the benefit of all that free advertising, and we had nothing unique to set up apart for a long, long time. And to add insult to injury, TFAR (fucking TFAR!) was released and running on servers a good (i dont remember exactly how long this is a guess) three-four months before we had ACRE2 up and running. The most unique thing about United Operations Arma 2 was now being copied by some casual russians who didn't even do terrain modeling! To this day ACRE2 is not nearly as dominant as ACRE1 was in Arma 2. We really were not ready to play Arma 3 in a serious fashion when we transitioned, and sure, maybe Arma 2 was dying, but killing it off destroyed the player count here for a long, long time.
  6. The lack of weekday play was a direct result of the forced switch to Arma 3, and the total lack of mission and mod content in the first few months. We lost a *lot* of players and they never came back.
  7. Course finished, server shut. Attendees : Harold, Lucky Samurai, Piecemaker_187, Rocktruck. Tags issued.
  8. the actual poll doesn't even require anyone to attend a UOTC course before beginning play. It's literally just a more robust blacklist system coupled with a scout's honour auth system.
  9. honestly the greatest barrier to entry is our freakin huge modpack. I wouldn't doubt that a significant percentage of those 50 new forum accounts never bother dl'ing the whole thing and don't end up playing.
  10. To be honest, I don't entirely follow this last bit of the metaphor, Jimbo. What I do know is that only around 500 unique players have visited the workshop collection. I assume you're counting forum accounts?
  11. UO is smaller now than it almost ever has been. Our playcounts are pathetic compared to "the golden years". Used to be able to log on every day and play 30+ missions, active all night until like 6 in the morning; the weekends regularly saw 70+. Now on Saturdays we're lucky to breach 45 organically, and only get those high playcounts with organized events (and sometimes not even then). Just look at the forums. The number of posts, new regs, reg apps, and bans has slowed dramatically since the end of Arma 2. When we transitioned to A3 we were absolutely not prepared for it. There was no custom content and almost no missions, and it absolutely impacted the community in a way it has not quite yet recovered from. I would agree with many of the people here that we currently have both a skills and mentality issue, but I would HIGHLY disagree with the analysis of why. I do not believe it is due to an increase in new players, but the opposite. During the A2 days, there were absolutely a majority of random players who were absolute shit with a shit mentality, but it didnt matter, beacuse there were enough dedicated players who weren't to smooth things out and enforce what was our standard taking leadership and specialist roles in the community and the missions. If you were doing a company mission, as long as you could fill CL/PL/SL's with skilled players the rest could be absolute mouth breathers and it'd work out fine. Players who didnt enjoy WAC's and didn't enjoy five para and didn't get along with "The Old Guard" would cause problems for a week or two or maybe a month and then disappear, while those that did stayed. Wheat from the chaff, if you would. Over time a larger and larger percentage of the community was derived from those who stayed, and they learned to make missions and joined UOTC or whatever. But some also left for whatever reasons. I firmly believe that the decline is gameplay is not as a result of new players (after all isnt it the same names you see fucking about week after week after week?) but as a result of a lack of recruitment that has resulted in a skills drain. Everytime somebody good stops playing here, or starts playing here less and less often, they no longer get replaced. Wheat from the chaff doesn't work if you don't have enough chaff to start with.
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