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  1. It is my understanding that the point of this poll is the fact that UOAF has hardly any structure at all, aside from leaders and members. You say "hence the proposal for UOAF office self-contained unit" which is exactly what I am saying. Make them their own "unit" with their own "unit leaders" (where unit, read office/officers)
  2. An even simpler fix would be to separate BMS trainers from UOTC. Make them their own office with their own Officer.
  3. I think your point could be easily fixed by changing the wording of the UOTC office to explicitly say that the powers of the UOTC office, and its delegates, only pertains to A3. I guess what I am failing to see is how it is apparently complicated to just have an A3 office, with UOTC, GM's GSO's etc, and a UOAF office, with their own delegates*. The way I see it sounds simple: an A3 Office, Web Service Office, and an UOAF Office. Edit: offices* to delegates
  4. Did you change to an enemy uniform? Did you fire at "friendlies"? If so you broke the rules regardless of intent, and this is a pretty cut and dry ban. Just take it and learn.
  5. I thought you could have multiple PTT's for shadowplay
  6. Any self-respecting arma pilot has seen every AOF video, if not more than once
  7. Ingame/Form Name: TripShot Are you willing to be a CO: Yes* Are you willing to squad lead: Yes* No Are you a regular or donor: Yes *Participation is dependent on family activities for the weekend
  8. Really looking forward to these events! I have a shit ton of raw footage back home, I'll try to upload some stuff next week.
  9. The famils are run on Sundays, not Fridays. Also anytime there is an event there will usually be an announcement, and a sign-up thread.
  10. Hey there, by mess with I assume you mean play with? We primarily do not play with other communities, but there is an event every once in a while. The most recent being a TvT (read player v player) with a Finnish group. Like Maffa said above, the best thing for you to do is sign up and attend one of the Familiarization Courses that we run every month. There are two more this month and they are always on Sunday. As an instructor, I can tell you that it is the best thing for new players. We go over all the behavioral expectations, and basic competencies we expect when paying on the server. You can find the sign-up post here
  11. As someone who knows jack shit about terrain building, modeling, or creating textures, this looks great! Keep up the good work. On a side note, why aren't there any good US terrains. Obviously not the entire country, but a Red Dawn-esque mission in a small American town would make me a very happy person.
  12. Hell yea, I know I don't fly with UOAF much anymore but that's awesome! Congratulations!
  13. Welcome to UO! Awesome to see new players that are taking the time to do the training too.
  14. Not on my main PC so I haven't been able to really look at it, but just going off the armaholic post and the post here I have to agree with some of the above concerns. It looks like a great map, for an Arma life server. Aside from vehicular combat I don't see the appeal. From the armaholic post and the video the buildings looks mediocre at best, and I don't see anything that would be added that we don't have with the current maps. Again, I have not been able to take a real good look at it as I am not at home, but these are just my initial thoughts.
  15. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co13-ca3-operation-comet-v1-r660? No slots on slotting screen
  16. As cool as it sounds I could never manage to use any type of VR headset in a game like Arma. I rely of "seeing" my keyboard too much.
  17. So much this. I miss the "good ole days" where I could hop on at pretty much any time and be able to do a few missions with more than 3 people. I love the fact that we are now actually trying to get weekday play back up to a viable player count. Bring back Tac Tuesday and I will be a happy happy TripShot. Edit: That said, I would like to see more variety. The usual "we have to go here, and kill this" is getting quite old. I would love to see more VIP extracts, protection, and capture like missions. Especially if we could throw in some OpFor or IndFor players.
  18. Sounds awesome, kind of like a miniature MSO. Can't wait to see how it goes!
  19. I got accepted into a different college so I will be moving in August, but I am also going on a road trip starting mid-June. I will probably be gone starting June 20th. I hope to be back around August 18th. Wish me luck boys!
  20. Filled. I selected no for mission leadership because I am not %100 certain I will be able to attend
  21. Don't worry about it. I am not %100 sure I will be able to make it as well. If I can I will try to get as many of you guys as I can to hop in.
  22. I would vote to maintain a custom UOCUP, as long as we were sure we had the manpower and ability to maintain it for the foreseeable future. If we aren't confident that we would be able to maintain it I would vote for adding the whole CUP.
  23. As someone who has TrackIR, if you have the money it is worth the investment. If not, this gyroscope method is still better than nothing.
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