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    just games in genral bf3,css and arma being my favourite

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  1. Australia had also sending weapons and supplies,although no further detail has been mentioned .
  2. My Local paintball place uses one of these i think , looks pretty good And a video for you
  3. School and other stuff is popping up pretty rapidly, and the Australian timezone isn't helping, should be back on constantly in 8 weeks time.
  4. TVT32(min14)Take_And_Hold_V1
  5. Posting peasant tier paintball tactical gear, just a battle-belt and PC of some type, bought it of a mate so i don't know what type it is, i run 5 pods in the carrier and 2 in the belt , and keep phone, wallet, keys , electrical tape, and bandage, and alcohol wipes( people always cut themselves on rusty shit at my field) in the utility pouch. And my helmet cam setup(shitty M88 from surplus store) Sorry for potato quality images
  6. so can we now make all .45 shoot stinger missiles
  7. The 8320 doesn't compare to the 8350, and the problem with the 8350 is that they has poor Multi-core optimization for older games Especially ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, with that in mind if tweaking is your thing you can get it to perform equal with the Intel 3570k in gaming, with that in mind the OC capability is great when paired with water cooling ( you can get it to 5GHZ if your lucky), as for AMD cards their ok but only win on the price:performance ratio
  8. Just putting a thread up asking if anyone would be interested in joining me in Arma 3 life shenanigans, pm or post and ill give you the details, i am able to play from 0230- 0830 Zulu most days and on weekends about 2000 -0930.
  9. alot are ports from OFP and a2 and alot really are just not that great
  10. Map is nice and all, there are some key terrain features that could make for awesome scenarios, other then that i prefer arid/desert maps to woodland and jungle so, nothing really to my interest, and if it does go ahead lets hope the missions stack up for it quickly and Afghan village too, eventually
  11. Sign-Up: Besiden Dates available: 6/2/ I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  12. V1 of this mission passed review - http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/21759-tvt46-final-push/
  13. V1 of this mission passed review - http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/21759-tvt46-final-push/
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