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  1. Hey everyone, Not sure who all remembers me, but I'm back from a bit of a forced LOA. My gaming rig died back in Oct 2016, which effectively knocked me offline. I just finished a new build, and have a TrackIR on the way! Once that comes in, I'll be back in business! Looking forward to playing with you guys again. -Heckman
  2. I think it's because, to get it to fit snuggly, I had to use the tighter clip setting. Meaning it's putting a decent amount of stress on the hinge and the pin used to lock it. First one had the plastic piece from pin shear off, the second one had the hinge go all whacky. Definitely possible that they were caused by just being loose.
  3. I've had the Plantronics Gamecom 780 for awhile now. My biggest gripe with them is how well they work with the Track IR. If you have a TrackClip Pro, good luck getting it to fit snuggly on the headset. The arms (see the metal pieces) are too wide for the part that clips on to your headset band. As such, it's loose and needs to be adjusted while gaming. I've also had this destroy two of my TrackClip Pros. Because they were wobbly, they eventually just wore out and broke. I personally will be avoiding the Gamecom series only for this purpose. If you don't use TrackIR, or you don't use the TrackClip Pro, and you never plan to then go with the Gamecom 788 (assuming they didn't screw up between 780 => 788). I don't own one, but I've heard enough glowing recommendations that I'd advocate for a regular pair of headphones and a Antlion Modmic.
  4. Oh no he's back, now everything's gonna go to shit... things were going so well too...
  5. Sorry for being so late to the party. Of course!
  6. Abstaining for now as I don't remember having much interaction with you.
  7. Also, happy belated birthday, Gabe!
  8. I think the UO Nametags currently look like fucking ass...
  9. Pretty sure you'd hear footsteps more clear than you do in ArmA. Hence my reason for wanting ShackTac.
  10. Based on the license, sounds like we might be able to ask them? Could make some claim about not wanting to compete, therefore not wanting to include all ST UI elements. What could go wrong? Also, I got a good laugh...
  11. *sigh* Why can't people just open source code and let people use it as they see fit? Do you have a link to the license? I need a good laugh. Voted yes, only because the HUD makes up for lack of actual spatial awareness because videogame.
  12. This poll is some bullshit and I really dislike that trusted members of this community are capable of petty shit like this. I mean this to the person who opened this poll: your decisions are bad, and you should feel bad. I don't know if I saw it mentioned in this thread, but who opened this poll? Looking at how things went down O'Neill had quite a right to feel how he did. When I have been able to make it on to the primary I am often the only Regular+ on the server. Unfortunately, due to timezones I am not able to make it on earlier than 9PM eastern US time. So my visibility may be skewed. However, from what I have seen his views may not have been far from the truth. In his eyes regulars aren't as frequent as we used to be, and now we voted to kill a service that people who aren't regulars use. His execution left much to be desired. There's something to be said about lack of tact, but I don't think he deserves any sort of ban. Voting a firm no.
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