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  1. Considering the terrible visibility and the fact that the user apologized, the user will not be banned.
  2. Will be talking to Leonidas to get his side of the story.
  3. Could you provide more context. As I understand it, this is a very dark mission and a lot of TK happened during it.
  4. There was no OPFOR units on KT1, which is what allowed their Stinger team to have eyes on the northern side of the ridge line, aka. the helicopter's loiter zone.
  5. Slotted as AT Assistant on CHFOR but got the gear of an (MG) ammo bearer.
  6. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co23-gc03-pobeda-ambush-v14-r1115? OPFOR AI only moves 50m once triggered by BLUFOR CO.
  7. Both, which is a good thing, lets us define sane defaults while allowing mission makers to make it more or less strict.
  8. If we add this I believe we should have it turned off by default and make it opt-in, my plan would be to add a module in the Olsen Framework to enable it by default. The end goal being backwards compatibility with older misions.
  9. Seems neat, is there a way to enable/disable it on demand (as in, make it mission configurable)? I can see this breaking fortifications in certain missions.
  10. User should know better that to post off-topic comments in ban threads.
  11. OPFOR Mortar cannot be entered
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