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Forum SOP's

1. Account Registration - Before registering for an account users are expected to meet the following criteria.

1.1 - By using the United Operations website and associated services, You represent, warrant, and covenant that: you are at least eighteen (18) years old.

1.2 - One account per user. If you have lost your account please contact the WSO for assistance.

2. Quality of Posting - Users of these forums are from many locations, dialects, and cultures. Your content should strive to be understandable by a wide range of users and offensive/confusing to none. Take the time to make your posts readable and intelligent.

2.1 - Before you post or reply please consider the following. Does your post add anything that is informative, interesting or involving to the discussions?

2.2 - Post in the appropriate section, take enough time to be familiar with the forums to post in the proper area.

2.3 - Please use proper grammar and punctuation whenever possible. Do not use "texting" and or "733t" style posting.

3. Content - Do not post any content that contains:

3.1 - Death, Mutilation, Obscene, and or Sexual.

3.2 - Racist, Offensive, Harassing, Bullying, or Personal Attacks.

3.3 - Disruptive Posting, Flame War Inciting/Contributing.

3.4 - Zero Content, Uninformative, Unhelpful, and Off Topic posting.

3.5 - Catchphrases, Memes, Image Macros and Internet Speak/Slang.

3.6 - Advertising, Recruiting, Spam,Vote Requests and Click Bait threads.

3.7 - Forums Exploitation and Embedded content to disrupt or annoy.

3.8 - Impersonation of members groups or personalities.

3.9 - Illegal Content and or Copyrighted materials.

4. Reporting - Everyone is encouraged to report offending actions or content which go against these guidelines, the SOP's and Charter. All reports will be kept confidential, only accessible to delegates and WSO's. Abuse of the reporting system will lead to warning/suspension and possible banning.

5. Warnings - Warnings are gained from infractions on the forums or related services.

5.1 - A warning will be issued if you fail to observe the Forum SOPs or Charter.

5.2 - Warning levels will be reduced over a period of 180 days from accrual.

5.3 - Warnings issued, will include a probation period based on the warning level, additional warnings gained cause escalation into the next tier, until the cooldown period expires.

Warning Level Increase - 1 Day Probation

Warning Level Increase - 1 Day Posting Moderation - 7 Day Probation

Warning Level Increase - 2 Day Posting Moderation - 14 Day Probation

Warning Level Increase - 3 Day Account Suspension - 30 Day Probation

Warning Level Increase - 7 Day Account Suspension - 30 Day Probation

6. Signatures

6.1 - Signatures may have a maximum size of 300kb and no larger than 500x150px

6.2 - Signatures may use the following formats: JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF and animated versions.

6.3 - Signatures must not break vertical nor horizontal spacing, nor be visually distracting.

6.4 - Signatures need to keep in check of all Charter and SOP restrictions.

7. General Catchall Rules

7.1 - Works and content submitted by way of posting, submission, uploads, missions, and custom addons, become the works and property of UnitedOperations.net.
7.2 - Harassment / Stalking - Any harassing behavior directed towards any member or group of members with the intent of creating an intimidating, offensive or overly hostile environment, will not be tolerated, warnings and or bans will be issued. ANY sort of actual or implied physical threat will be grounds for suspension and or banning.

These rules can change at any time, it is your responsibility to keep up with them. Changes to this document can be found in the important information and news articles areas of the website. These SOP's will also cover all associated services.

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