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  2. Restructure of UOMODS_A3 to comply with Steam Workshop Licensing issues that supersede historical licence agreements of authors and APL-SA. Server will be offline for the next day until most of these issues are resolved.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Signing myself, Wolfie and Mark for a boat. J.Clark will also be in our boat.
  5. Hello all could someone please tell me how to use the com system as i have follow all the info in the bms flight manual but still no lucj
  6. I can attend weekdays after 21:10z(ish). Weekends I can all day.
  7. This will be our first session playing Wolfpack, we are going to try to make several session and at some point run at 20 man server (4 Uboats) . If interested in joining this session type your Ingame name in chat. If unable to attend one post dates your able to. US centric guys try for earlier times and EU centric for later times in order to get the most amount of people and hopefully in Session #2 we are able to get a full wolfpack going.
  8. Our website is under maintenance wiki is down with it, it will be up soon.
  9. Hello all Does anyone know if the Bms wiki is still up kind regards
  10. Last week
  11. Sorry I signed up for this and missed it. Worked late last night and then ended up falling asleep.
  12. The next Monday morning I'll have free will be the 22nd. That's Easter here so I'm unsure if you are running a session then?
  13. During the event with AFI, my platoon leader @Kingslayer was killed by a hostile maneuver team flanking our position. That was the last thing they did that mission!
  14. UOAF BMS Session 377 - Saturday [2019-03-23, 1800z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 DOWNLOAD: MISSION DATA CARD OCA STRIKE BACKGROUND IVALO AB has been identified as the most optimally located RED airbase. Despite already being successfully bombed in the past by NATO forces, IVALO has been repaired and is currently being used for strategic Strike packages in the North. MISSION Two flights of USAF F-16s will perform ESCORT and SEAD respectively from EVENES. WEASEL 1 will knock out any and all SAM threats in the vicinity of the target and transition to an ESCORT role. FALCON 2 will fly ESCORT and establish local air superiority at the Target Area. When cleared hot, a flight of Norwegian F-16s, callsign SHARK 1, will begin the bombing run. ABORT TARGETS Since the amount of RED Air is extremely high, it is very possible that the package may not reach the primary target. In this event, two secondary targets have been selected, designated as Abort Target NORTH and Abort Target SOUTH. If the package lead calls for an ABORT of the primary mission, SHARK 1 can be directed to attempt to drop its bombs on either of the abort targets (or both). THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: Manpads and AAA along flight plan. SA-10. Multiple are reported, but intelligence believes all Flap Lids have been destroyed. SA-17. SA-6. ENEMY BASE ASSESSMENT: IVALO AB (Primary Objective) 16x SU-27 14 An-24 18 SU-30M HOYBUKTMOEN (North East) 4 IL-78 16 SU-27 2 A-50 14 SU-25 KUUSAMO (South East) 2 A-50 18 SU-30MKK 18 SU-24M 18 MiG-23ML PACKAGE
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