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  2. Count me in. I will update if I can't. Discord name is the same
  3. All, There is an upcoming ARMA event hosted by OFCRA. I will be there for sure. I am hoping at least 7 others will join me so that we can have a UO squad. Intent with the event is to, of course, have fun playing ARMA. Secondary intent is to meet new players & communities and strengthen cross-community bonds. Event details here (to include mod-pack details): https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=5833.0 Please reply in this thread if you can commit to attending. I need final numbers by Sunday 29 SEP. Also, please include your discord name. I'll create a channel for us to communicate in. WHO: UO & Other ARMA Communities WHERE: At OFCRA WHEN: 03 OCT 2019 WHAT: Play Arma WHY: For the pure joy of ARMA
  4. @Gkenny There is JIP teleport, it is done through the ACE Self Interaction menu. As for the ACRE error, I can't pin that down. I did have the ACRE framework disabled in the UO Framework but I switched that on now. Maybe it will fix it, maybe it won't.
  5. Last week
  6. Co23 Island Thunder V1 Altis - ACRE error that broke radios near start of mission, no JIP
  7. Co33 Berezino Siege Chenrarus - No slots
  8. CO34 The Ambassador REMAKE V2
  9. Please remove the following mission pending conversion to OlsensFW. Anizay: TVT42 Dola Toll COTVT35 Pillar of salam COTVT10 Duck Duck Goose Rosche TVT47 Oh Lordy Ruha COTVT35 That tree just talked COTVT8 Drunk driving TVT42 Pillar of ohmen TVT50 Hole in one TVT51 Route root
  10. Nomination fails due to officer vote Yes 0 No 2 (100%)
  11. Earlier
  12. CO12 - Roof Koreans
  13. Voting no, first off the personal review thread are meant to be private. Obviously some people have forgotten what that means when they included it in a poll. Next for the actual officer part, I at one time thought too many officers in a office was not good. But the PRO office proved me wrong. So if that's the case what harm is being done with an officer that's inactive because of IRL. Nothing that I can see, we already have other officers inactive and he's done good work.
  14. Gonna say what I said in the UOTC thread, though slightly differantly: 1. I'm not active, got busy with real life, it never really let up. Didn't even notice this until just now. Wish whoever put this up would talk to me. 2. Using my personal review thread is pretty dumb. If officers are not actively encouraging criticism of the things they do, and responding to it actively they're not doing their jobs. A few notes: In my time as PRO impulse and I wrote up a series of standards that improved events a great deal when they were followed. Other than just being busy, the second big reason for my inactivity was that the new officers, specifically Max and Headshot (while headshot was an officer, he's not now) did a lot of work towards basically telling our systems to fuck off and it became absolutely exhausting to police them after awhile. At that point I was basically an event overseer and babysitter. Kingslayer did a good job of going back to the actual standards but until recently he's basically been the UO WW2 officer. Fact is, I only try to be curt and "unprofessional" in threads that are not public because I do care about representing the community in public, just because I'm mean to you in private doesn't mean this is how I represent the community and shame on you for thinking so. We've done some great events at UO with other communities and the people I've spoken to have given us very positive feedback in regards to how we communicated and how things were conducted. In conclusion: I'm not active, I'm a bit of a dick, but I'm not gonna get mad or cause drama, vote yes if you feel I shouldn't be an officer. If I ever decide to be active again, please recognize I've put a lot of time and effort into this community, and I personally feel I've done good work during those active times. If you disagree with this, I'm on teamspeak every day and you've never talked to me about how bad my events are and how bad my organization is, so how am I supposed to improve if I'm getting no feedback?
  15. Meh this is fair. I dislike the use of my personal review thread as a reason considering that I've actively encouraged people to post in there instead of just trying to hide behind "hurr durr no review threads". I got busy with life and work, and it never really chilled out. But I'm not active, I literally didn't notice this until just now so what's being said is valid. Wish whoever put this up would talk to me though. But whatever.
  16. ThePieSpy will be conducting a Mortar Course on SRV2 at 1700Z on 15 Sept 2019. This course will provide an introduction and basic employment of Mortars in ArmA3. Please RSVP if you intend to participate in this course.
  17. Pax'Jarome Malues will be conducting an ArmA 3 Familiarization Course on SRV2 at 1600Z on 6 October 2019. This course is ideal for new players to ArmA 3 and/or United Operations. Please RSVP to this calendar event if you will be attending.
  18. TVT51 Route Root V1
  19. abstaining for same reasons as in UOTC thread. But here the threshold seems to be smaller, per evidence last activity done as a PRO was 4 months ago for the Steel Beast event. Are there other PRO's that fall within this threshold? Will we see more polls?
  20. Gonna abstain until I hear from Azzwort. Since we are not privilege to whats being done in the departments behind closed doors. He may be active without our knowledge. His review thread is old and should have been addressed at the time. Doing so now feels petty. I also agree with Pie's observation of an imposed threshold and would like to know what that is.
  21. He's not the only UOTC officer.... Regardless though, agree with the others, yes for inactivity, don't see the relevance of years old review posts.
  22. Voting yes on this on inactivity alone, however I will state this: Bringing up his personal review thread is invalid to me as most of the complaints are a year old or even more. Where I do think officers should be held up to a different standard much like Pie above I don't really know what was brought up as valid. Now, there is a minor foible about inactivity yes I agree azzwort is inactive on the forums but I have actually seen him online on the server within the last year. I will also state, that azzwort has done a lot of good for UOTC in his active time and if we remove him and fail to provide or promote a valid UOTC officer who is committed to reviving the position then I believe we fail the very reason we are removing azzwort in the first place.
  23. A few concerns here. 1. Inactivity of the office. I'm assuming azzwort has passed some sort of threshold for inactivity. Not sure why the office as a whole is being used as justification when he is neither the sole officer in either office, nor does he have significantly more inactivity than can be measured by any metric than any of his other peers. However if this threshold has been passed, I assume similar removal polls will soon follow for the other officers who meet this criteria, to ensure this isn't for solely interpersonal conflicts. 2. Antagonistic behavior unbecoming of an officer. Being that officers are now held to a different standard of personal conduct and not simply for their expertise/responsibilities when compared to regulars I assume this will be reflected in the charter. I am also unclear on how azzwort has managed to "cool" the entire involvement of the regular base, especially considering his primary fault appears to be a lack of involvement in the community at all. I am not saying this poll/criticism is unwarranted. I simply wish for clarification on the standards violated to ensure this level of standard is applied equally and objectively across the offices and delegates.
  24. I find it insulting that whoever requested this actually had to draw in behavioural delicts into this request as if Azzworts inactivity alone wouldn't have made the removal request valid. Thats fucking shit smearing of a regular that tried to keep the UOTC going for years after a gap of 0 courses for years and noone wanting to take the office, had to take up with a metric ton of bullshit being thrown into his direction and actually got some of the materials back together that were widely considered lost, including running SOME stable courses. Thats infuriating! Shame on you!
  25. This poll requires a majority vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2019-09-24. This poll was put up at Regular Request.
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