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  2. Minor Update Teamspeak 3.3 is now supported. ACRE Change Log Summary ADDED: [New] Intercom UI for AN/VIC3 - Full Functional Crew Station (FFCS) by RanTa [New] Ground Spike Antenna (GSA) by Raspu and antenna bag model by Ranta. [New] Support for other signal models. In addition to LOS multipath, the following modes are available through CBA Settings: Arcade mode, LOS Simple and Longley-Rice Signal Propagation Model. [New] Improved Zeus Integration by Brett: spectator mode, hearing nearby players and external radios and talking from camera location [New] Manual and automatic Antenna Direction Alignment [New] ACRE2 Radio Box by RanTa. [New] Intercom accent functionality. [New] Intercom Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality. [New] Intercom Override functionality. [New] Editor preview for OE-303. [New] Contact Livonia (Enoch) terrain compatibility (optional component - load optionals/@acre_sys_contact). [New] Spectator radio API functions: addSpectatorRadio, removeSpectatorRadio and removeAllSpectatorRadios. [New] CBA Setting factor for AI revealing. CHANGED: [Update] Change default radio keys and streamline key names and descriptions (now uses PTT buttons instead of last active radio). [Update] Use CBA notifications instead of ACE or Vanilla Hints. [Update] Translations affecting all ACRE2 components. [Remove] Features and API functions deprecated in 2.5.0. [Remove] Rack ACE3 interactions which are available through intercom UI. [Remove] Redundant TeamSpeak API from 2.6.4. IMPROVED: [Improvement] General C++ readability and enhancement. [Improvement] TeamSpeak plugin auto-copy (cleanup and enhancements). [Improvement] Rewritten extension to generate fakeWRP. [Optimisation] Move Antenna Parsing to CBA Pre-Start (faster mission load). [Optimisation] Peak function calculation on terrain PBOs that do not include peak information. [Optimisation] Full cleanup pass on the C++ ACRE2 Shared library. [Optimisation] Continued significant cleanup throughout ACRE2 - Data, Core, PRC152, PRC117F, PRC77, SEM52SL and SEM70 components. [Optimisation] Convert intercom system to CBA Hashes. FIXED: [Fix] Reveal to AI on headless clients and dedicated servers. [Fix] API function setPressetChannelField. [Fix] API functions getRadioVolume and setRadioVolume were disabled. [Fix] Integer type overflow in C++. [Fix] "Give Intercom" action. [Fix] CBA XEH recompilation of External and Signal Map components. Additional Updates Pending
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  4. TVT 41 SND V2 Radios broken (spawned radio for Blufor Pilot and random RTO dude Napalm script not working for jet.
  5. Like I said, TS will not care that you pressed Shift+Capslock to use Radio 1 (or Alt+Shift+Caplocks to open the radio), TS will only see the Capslock. With Capslock defined as TS PTT, your mic will activate every time you press Capslock. So, you'll either speak locally & use the radio at the same time or you'll constantly hot mic every time you use a key combination that includes Capslock.
  6. Why? Shift-caps is already bound to radio #1 by acre default. And when using radio, isnt it already also always together with radio? At least i always hear my sl talking direct when using radio.
  7. Shift-Caps? I don't think that will work.. using Capslock as TS PTT will cause you to also talk in local when you attempt to use your radio. With Capslock as PTT, TS will not care that you also pushed Shift.
  8. Mind uploading that handbook somewhere else? Scribd is awful and doesn't let you download it without paying... or even read past the first 4 pages. edit: alright, looks like there was a link to a googledoc mirror of it on the wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19GCXW2HV3PQkKzqVY1GWdImPeUaCHPintsoloT-vZXQ/edit
  9. I think i found a nice solution: i just unbind the "current radio" assignment (CAPS by default). This way i can have caps for direct speech (which i use most commonly anyway and want it to be easily hittable). For the radio i use the already assigned Shift-Caps binding - most of the time i only have one radio. Shoud the issue arise that i have two or three radios (RTO?) then i can access them with the other combinations (alt+caps / ctrl+caps). Only with 4 or more radios i will get into problems, which will probably never happen anyway. I will try this a while and see how this works.
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  11. The wiki is currently not able to be edited due to some issues I haven't properly informed myself about yet. It has been requested by me since 2017 though, so maybe once everything has become less busy and proities are solved, we get to do something about it.
  12. Thank you, that was helpful. I noticed, that the Basic Player Guide is not linked from the Getting Started Guide, but it is reffered to as a follow up reading. i think it would be beneficial if an editor could add the link to the Getting started guide.
  13. The handbook was sort of declared outofdate in early 2018 and hasnt been maintained since probably 2015. Tho lots of what is written in there might still be very helpful and correct. The only maintained (until late 2017) article that comes close and links to some of the old handbooks materials is the Basic Player Guide in our wiki. Link
  14. That would be great! maybe we can also train some standard operations for the ordinary soldier with that?
  15. CAPS LOCK is not a good choice for TS PTT, because CAPS LOCK is also used by ACRE for radio use. The following are the default ACRE commands.. * Radio PTT: Capslock * Alternate PTT 1: Shift-Capslock * Alternate PTT 2: Ctrl-Capslock * Alternate PTT 3: Alt-Capslock * Open/Close Radio: Alt-Ctrl-Capslock * Cycle Radio: Alt-Shift-Capslock * Cycle Babel Language: Left Windows Key * Set Radio Left Ear: Ctrl-Shift Left Arrow Key * Set Radio Right Ear: Ctrl-Shift Right Arrow Key * Set Radio Both Ears: Ctrl-Shift Up Arrow Key People use all sorts of keys for PTT, but the best are probably those that cannot impact other ARMA commands, like Mouse Button 3 or 4.
  16. If you are intrested i can offer the Land Nav course, would you be interested ?
  17. Yes, you can just rebind the TS push-to-talk key. Mostly people use left Control key. To change ACRE keybindings, go Configure -> Controls -> Configure Addons (the button in the lower right of the dialog) -> ACRE2. You can also check them when you forget how to switch radio channels or open a radio menu.
  18. Hi there, i could also use a refresher on the basic courses. Is there already a new schedule possible, or is the training map still lacking?
  19. I hope it is okay to ask here because in TS no one responded in the help channel... How can i distinguish my ACRE setup to be able to properly select "radio" or "direct speech only" mode? Sorry for asking such a dumb question but i'm really unsure how to setup this in the correct way, or if this is already handled automatically in a way i don't know. - Currently i have "CAPS LOCK" bound in TS to push-to-talk. - ACRE binds this to Radio Transmission. - Obviously i have no way to talk without the radio now. Is the right solution thus to rebind my TS key to something different, and what do you advice the TS push-to-talk button should be with a default keybind?
  20. Hi there, i just returned from a longer absence and played my first session yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but i feel that i'm not up-to-date anymore on the procedures. I immediately tought of the Field Handbook i have initially written long ago and which was maintained from the community after i donated it. Is it still valid? i found a version here (V2.0 from 10/2015): https://de.scribd.com/document/332692404/UOTC-Basic-Training-Field-Handbook Are there other sources where i can read up on current procedures?
  21. CO15 Treasure Island V5
  22. CO40_Clockwork_V1.tem_anizay.pbo - Medic is not of ACE class Medic. Unable to do his job.
  23. I have been trying to teach this to these people since 2015. Didn't work out for 99%.
  24. CO40 Clockwork V1
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