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  2. [Harold/Gunner] I will need to borrow a copy of Steel Beasts. Which version are we using? I'm downloading the latest (4.023) in order to be prepared. TinfoilHate, there is no A23 element. There are A31 through A34 in the role list. :-)
  3. Yesterday
  4. CO56 Civil Defense Chernarus Winter - Kicks back to slotting screen on loading
  5. IN, i will be a bit late, if u allow me, i will join as wingman any flight
  6. CO36 - Kantola HC v1.1
  7. TVT31 CS Hotel - Several slots in 1'1 Blufor have no gear
  8. Last week
  9. Join TeamSpeak on event day. The BMS server IP is shared during the event. The TeamSpeak server info is under Arma3 -> Server information in the top menu.
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