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  2. Thanks for all the fun times!
  3. Shhhh, you might awaken it again.
  4. Dang, it's now mid-February 2021 and we're still here. UO survives death?
  5. Indeed, it's really sad to see UO vaporate. I had a lot of fun playing here for several years (starting with the incredible MSO Clafghan event) and was hoping UO might recover somehow. Well, I will keep the memories at least. They are good memories. Really good memories.
  6. Thank you for all the good memories, i wish you all great fortune with your futures! its sad to see the site will be shut down, but it was allways inevitable. Haribo.
  7. Heh, after 10 years I thought about UO memories, the Steamroller mission (the only one I ever created and released) and the good times here, zedic, azzwort, merlo, militant & loads of names I forgot, all the good people here. I wanted to pop in here, was amazed I still remembered my old password, saw that the site was about to be closed and wanted to say: Thanks for a shit ton of good gaming nights, all the lessons, the trainings and the great community in general. I was here from the very beginning when UO split from TG and became the ACRE-Community, amazing back in the day! I really loved playing with radios and communicating with everyone during gameplay. It was a really exciting experience for the young me. Thaaaanks guys and have a great time whatever you do! PS: Please investigate Bitcoin. This central bank money printing party is not good for anyone and we are about to crack it's last 2017 all time high, which means everyone and their mothers will say "wtf it was not a bubble?!". Heck, billionaires and hedge fund managers like bitcoin, so wtf. I wish you the best so I wanted to leave this PS here as well.
  8. We will be shutting down the active website/forums by the end of the year. Discord will and teamspeak will be continued. For anyone that has had any subscription issues, feel free to reach out to me via Discord and or Teamspeak to resolve and refund any active subscription issues.
  9. We will not be outputting the content.
  10. That is assuming either @Impulse 9 or @Verox visits anymore. Otherwise, your going to have to scrape up what you can and make do.
  11. Any updates on this? Years worth of wiki content is just no longer accessible, really sad to see.
  12. While in no way perfect, you can still access a most of the wiki through the web archive. http://web.archive.org/web/20190113130910/http://www.unitedoperations.net:80/wiki/Main_Page http://web.archive.org/web/20190111085120/http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/UOTC_Action_Cards
  13. If anyone is still interested, I'm still writing about CQB. Methodologies and concepts we often talked about five-plus years ago have either been adopted or shelved across the world. This includes less over-reliance on stacking (i.e. stackless entries), threshold clearing (e.g. limited penetration techniques), shield deployment, centre-stepping instead of blind entries, et cetera. Funnily enough, some of the methods mentioned in guides and at UOTC have been sidelined or changed due to lessons learnt by some units. Some things we used to argue over half a decade or more ago are now commonplace in certain units. Here's an example with Force-on-Force man-marking rounds (sim-munitions): Here's a read to stay informed: I run a forum here if anyone wants to join and chat. Enjoy.
  14. Fair criticism, in my opinion. And succinctly put.
  15. Issue is that somewhen last year tinkering with the whole website stuff of UO, somehow made the wiki inaccisible. I was told how but I forgot already. It was planned to reinstate the wiki with all its content (which as per WSO has been saved), but this was not done until the shutdown of UOs ArmA3 Section and also not since. Currently the only people in posession of the content is the UO WSO. Maybe they can provide the printable versions I uploaded onto the wiki back then.
  16. Was revisiting the wiki and the link you provided as my HDD failed with all my saved documents. Is there an updated link? Even the index page for user created guides has all broken links I really hope those guides are not lost as they were and still are really great tools and resources.
  17. man... been a while. Found some old screenshots in the steam lib. Wanted to check back what the current state of this was. Had a real drive to go for a few rounds again. duuh 'member... when we all of a sudden everyone had like underwear ... 'member
  18. Elder Pritchard - In remembrance of Dad Jun 8, 2020 Some unfortunate events have definitely made it difficult to reach outwards and open up to all of you at home. I made a post on Facebook soon after the event but I know that isn't enough. My father passed away on April 10th, Good Friday. I know I will see him again. That's the most simple way to put it. I remember the shockful feeling as I was sitting on the top floor of the mission home in Sofia as my mom had called me and said "He's gone Wade, he's just gone". I remember the missionaries around me hearing those words and them looking at me. I stayed calm on the outside the whole time, and started organizing my thoughts. I called my mission president, walked to his apartment, and sat with him and his wife for a few hours as I processed the whole thing. While pondering there the following thoughts came to my mind. Have I wronged my father by not being home? Do I go home now? How will my family react? What will I do? How will my family be able to be closer together? I won't get to spend time with my dad for a litteral lifetime. I made a few choices. My father would want me to be happy, he does not want anyone in the family to be sad or depressed. He wants me to press forward and make him proud. I should never be comfortable with my place in life. My dad wants me to progress by going through hard things. I know that he is in a period of time in which he is at peace. What does this passing mean for me? I'm staying on my mission until my return in November. This is a very difficult decision. But the Lord loves effort. I remember in the past, my mission president said something that has stuck with me. "The accomplishment of easy things make men weak and stupid." My future holds a period of time of stress due to the very quick transition I will make. I will start school immediately after returning, start working, and take care of any expenses that are needed. My stress is due to the lack of money. But the Lord always provides a way. I will always choose the harder right. I will struggle. Here are some important things regarding my dad, I truly believe the following to be true. The spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life. And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow. Alma 40:11-12 Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "There is no end to glory; There is no end to love; There is no end to being; There is no death above." I will miss my dad so much. I will work very hard, I will make my dad proud. I will never let him down. As long as I live, his memory will never pass. I love him without end. I love you Dad.
  19. Elder Pritchard Pictures Apr 6, 2020 No email! Just pics from last week because the church is really bad at making emails work. PICTURES
  20. Elder Pritchard - Quarantined / AP / And More! Mar 30, 2020 Hello everyone! I don't remember when I last sent an email. The last few months have been action packed. I finished training in Stara Zagora, then I went to Sliven for 6 weeks, as district leader. Then I went to Stara Zagora again to train someone else for 6 weeks as district leader, then I went to Plovdiv to be a district leader, again. Three cities, all district leader. We had a great Zone Conference. We talked about repurposing ourselves in the Lord's work. Our Mission President said that we probably wouldn't be quarantined. Two days after that, we were partially quarantined. A few days after that, they sent half the mission home, including the sisters from my MTC group. The next day I was called to serve as an assistant to the president in Sofia. We were then fully quarantined, we sent all of the senior couples home. We had to bring all of the missionaries to Sofia due to Bulgaria closing its borders and closing city entrances and exits. I've had the opportunity to drive across the country and back. I've been to the airport about 7 times within the last two weeks driving everyone. I've made it home often at 12 in the morning, and have woken up to drive people at 3 in the morning. I am having a lot of fun. We are not going home. All 33 of us are staying put. Until we aren't. We our doing all of our lessons online, its more effective than teaching in person. It's interesting to see how the Lord's work in hastening. This email is a block of text because I really don't have time to write. I am way too busy. I love you all. Christ lives. He died for us. He knows our feelings, our struggles, and our hardships. As we do that our called leaders ask of us, we will be okay. The Lord has never led us astray before, he won't now. Love, Elder Pritchard (Will send pictures when the Church decides to stop messing up my email)
  21. Elder Pritchard - Merry Christmas!!! Dec 25, 2019 Merry Christmas! It's been a couple months since I have sent a group email. In September, I moved to Stara Zagora and was assigned to train a new missionary Старейшина Van Weezep. My time with him mostly consisted of traveling between Stara Zagora and Haskovo, providing support for the members. We had a Christmas concert provided by the missionaries which was so wonderful to share the Christmas spirit with others. Last week I moved to Sliven and am the district leader for Sliven, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv. I will be traveling a lot as most of the missionaries are in Plovdiv and the area that I specifically cover consists of Sliven, Yambol, and Veliko Turnovo. This will be a fun time of sleeping in hotels and being always out and about covering a 230 km / 150 mi radius. I'm serving with a newer missionary Старейшина Lewis, he's really easy to get along with. For Christmas I am in Plovdiv with the other missionaries. The pictures I'll attach tell better stories than I ever could, so please check them out. I love you all! PICTURES
  22. Conference Pictures Sep 23, 2019 PICTURES
  23. Elder Pritchard - Apostle Visit, Baptism, Transfer Call Sep 23, 2019 My wonderful brothers and sisters, These last few weeks have been the best weeks of my life. We flew to the capital of Bulgaria on Friday the 13th to meet Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles For those that don't know, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the second-highest presiding body in the government of the Church. Its members travel the world as special witnesses of the name of Christ and serve under the direction of the First Presidency. So it's very special for an Apostle to visit here. We had our zone conference on the 14th. We were split into two groups. Our Area President Elder Golden and his wife spoke to us and Sister and Elder Renlund got to speak to us. It was very great to have an almost 20 person meeting with all of them. Although most of their teachings were sacred, some of the principles we learned about were regarding attitude versus effort, and how time and faith work with or against each other. On Sunday the 15th we attended a conference at Hilton Hotel in Sofia with all of the Bulgarian members and listened to talks from Elders and Sisters Renlund and Golden. For those of you that don't know, out of respect for leadership, you stand for them (no duh, right?), well imagine everyone standing up at once with absolutely no noise besides a piano when Elder Renlund came in. Everyone had the opportunity to meet Elder Renlund after the conference. The spirit was so strong. The members learned a lot, they were definitely called to repentance, and it's very amazing to feel the love the Savior has for each and every one of us. The Lord wants us to be as he is. One of the people that we have been working with was baptized on the 21st and confirmed the 22nd. His name is Rogers Mutanda. I've had the wonderful privilege to work with him since the Holy Ghost has led me to him in June, and I also had the opportunity to baptize him. He has been my first live baptism. We've had a wonderful journey together which unfortunately will come to an end. I've received my transfer call and I will be living in Stara Zagora again. I will be training a new missionary who gets here on Wednesday. I'm truly excited. My companion and I will be covering two cities by ourselves. He will learn to catch up quick! The feelings I have today are feelings which will remind me of Varna forever. I'm leaving Varna. A place which I've learned to have an absolute love for the people here. This is the first time since I've left home, in which I feel like I'm leaving home again. I will miss this place way more than words can describe. I've made a huge footprint for those that will come after me. Varna will always be a place in my heart, forever. Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear; But with joy wend your way. Though hard to you this journey may appear, Grace shall be as your day. 'Tis better far for us to strive Our useless cares from us to drive; Do this, and joy your hearts will swell-- All is well! All is well! Love, Elder Pritchard PICTURES
  24. Elder Pritchard - Preparing For The Apostle Sep 9, 2019 Здравейте Всички! I hope all is well! The work has been amazing these last few weeks and so I will cover just a few of the events that have happened and that are going to happen. Someone I'm teaching is getting baptized soon, he is really excited to make this wonderful covenant with God and follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is indeed very exciting to see him progress so well! We have new laws in the European Union we have to follow regarding notifying people that we want to keep an official record that we are teaching them. It's been such a blessing because people understand truly what our purpose is. A few people were teaching loved it and we can see that they are growing closer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of lessons have been going on and let me tell you, I am very blessed to be able to have the confidence and competence to talk to everyone and invite them to learn more about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. President Nelson is 95 years old now! He's the only person I know that's older than my dad! Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to Turkey and Bulgaria this week. We will have a missionary conference with him and then we will have a country wide conference with him! We fly to Sofia on Friday and return also by flight on Monday, so there's an action packed week ahead! That is all I have to report, I hope everyone is living their best life, because we only get one mortal life and as all the old people say, time sure does fly. Stay young in spirit, stay old in wisdom! Love, Elder Pritchard PICTURES
  25. Elder Pritchard - Still Breathing Aug 5, 2019 Hello! Another week gone by! Nothing too crazy. We had a service project last week which was really entertaining! Besides that, there's not much going on. I missed some pictures from the last week that I'll add here. Today I'm going to Sofia for zone conference. So more 7 hour traveling! We are preparing for the Apostle to come in September. Hope all is well! Love, Elder Pritchard PICTURES
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