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  4. It's genuinely disheartening seeing the community like this, each time I have tried to join, no one is playing. Iv been so bored I have learned how to spell. sorta
  5. Would love to play more arma, with lots of people! Especially TvTs!
  6. WHEN: February, Saturday 8th, 2020 Timeline: UO Participants on UO Teamspeak to Check in 1630z Join server 1645Z Slotting: 1705Z Briefing 1715Z Game start 1730Z WHERE: AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server GENERAL CONCEPT: Russian versus CDF battle in Virolahti terrain in two TVT missions. Outcome of the first leads to the second mission. In the first mission 80 AFI players attack against 60 internationals. Both sides are infantry based with russian MBT support. In second mission either internationals try to re-take the same area or push AFI to the sea. (Air support in both missions for internationals). Details: Map: Virolahti Main mods: ACE3, TFAR, RHS(all) Player count: max ~150 Medical system Use A-medical enhanced by ADV - Splint mod. Wound reopening is disabled so always use elastic bandage to treat wounds. Splints heal any limb damage. Splints are usable by everyone. AFI hasn't changed yet to the updated medical. Space will be extremely limited. If you wish to participate please reply below.
  7. I thought it was set up by lord commander impulse, 9th of his name? I'm sorry Mr. Pope.
  8. We are playing many different games in the Gulag, a big chunk of UO is playing ECO at the moment on a server set up by i9.
  9. We were always meant to be a multi-gaming community. I would suggest we foster a new game the community can get behind if ARMA is no longer fun for everyone. Subgroups like BMS thrive others can also.
  10. I don't want to play Arma 3 anymore. Arma 4, when?
  11. Speaking for myself, I think it's more the game itself. The engine and gameplay is starting to age and my patience for things like falling through floors and flipping tanks on map objects has reduced. I don't think the community should die as a result but probably contract and simplify until a new ArmA or competitor game is released.
  12. Feel free to answer this interest poll so we can gauge how many people still want to play Arma and are willing to try some Friday sessions in the future... UP is not kil, just recruitment is kil.
  13. Hello my gamer friends, my uo boys, my snipers and no lifers. How come we dont play Arma 3 anymore? Is UO dead, or does the problem lie within the game Arma itself? Discuss.
  14. Hello, you should try passing your question through a translator, you might get more responses. I've listed some resources below. https://translate.google.com/ https://www.translate.com/ https://www.deepl.com/en/translator
  15. Taiiko

    Dlc icon on shop

    Hello i want to show if the weapon is a dlc want what dlc like arsenal menu but i don't know how to get that information can you help me pls ?
  16. CO16 Definite Details v1
  17. Hey guys, sorry I disappeared again for a while. Had some irl problems but well... now I am back with a new computer :) I will see you guys on Saturday at first, maybe we can get things going on Tuesdays again.
  18. Will be adressed once the old wiki instance is back up.
  19. Name: darianClass Requested: Familiarization Course, Land Navigation CourseDays Requested: Any day except for WednesdaysTimes Requested: 18:00 Zulu or laterSpecial Remarks: Been looking to do a land nav course for the longest time. If anyone is able to teach it please message me. I can share my schedule with you and we can work something out.
  20. Its free to play for anybody who wants to check it out. I was wondering if someone be interested in doing some multi crew stuff!
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