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  3. tracks...trucks..tanks and suvs
  4. CO17 Autumn Morning HC V1
  5. TVT63_Offshore_Oil_Platform_V1.Stratis
  6. Hi guys, Saw this game (not out yet), thought some of you might be interested. http://radiocommander.net/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/871530/Radio_Commander/ Take care and have fun! Tuff
  7. CO43 Defend Pustoshka Chernarus Autumn - Kicks back to mission screen, uses toadball gear.
  9. All, If you can make it to the event this Thursday, please reply here. I’ll be sending the event organizers our final numbers tonight in order to lock in slots.
  10. Thanks for the range card for the m6 60mm mortar. I didn't know that the in game one was incorrect. I tried out your range card and it works perfectly. Great job.
  11. TVT Madhouse #8 Date & Time: October 12th at 1900Z Where: United Operations SRV1 Description: Community member Corax is organizing another exciting TVT exclusive event. Mission Selection: A pool of missions will be selected prior to the event* Please RSVP on the Calendar *If you are interested in suggesting missions, please contact Blue or Corax
  12. CO20 Nasty Night HC V1
  13. If you want to check if their mods/acre are working, just use SRV3, it should be always on. Just load a default or vanilla mission.
  14. For what I know SRV2 use is restricted to UOTC oversight, which means you can go and ask an Instructor that is online in TS or discord to supervise your actions on SRV2. This has been done due to the fact that the SRV2 has been misused in the past. To what extend I am not aware as this has been before my time as Instructor. Must have been severe enough tho that GSO decided to bar it.
  15. I'm trying to make sure some friends of mines ducks are in a row as far as their mods are concerned, and ACRE and whatnot, but cannot connect to the training server with the information provided. Same with SRV4. So i was wondering if they are still always up? Or maybe I just have some info wrong.
  16. Yes 18 (64.29%) No 10 (35.71%) Poll Passes
  17. Yes 17 (62.96%) No 10 (37.04%) Poll Passes
  18. Count me in. I will update if I can't. Discord name is the same
  19. All, There is an upcoming ARMA event hosted by OFCRA. I will be there for sure. I am hoping at least 7 others will join me so that we can have a UO squad. Intent with the event is to, of course, have fun playing ARMA. Secondary intent is to meet new players & communities and strengthen cross-community bonds. Event details here (to include mod-pack details): https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=5833.0 Please reply in this thread if you can commit to attending. I need final numbers by Sunday 29 SEP. Also, please include your discord name. I'll create a channel for us to communicate in. WHO: UO & Other ARMA Communities WHERE: At OFCRA WHEN: 03 OCT 2019 WHAT: Play Arma WHY: For the pure joy of ARMA
  20. @Gkenny There is JIP teleport, it is done through the ACE Self Interaction menu. As for the ACRE error, I can't pin that down. I did have the ACRE framework disabled in the UO Framework but I switched that on now. Maybe it will fix it, maybe it won't.
  21. Co23 Island Thunder V1 Altis - ACRE error that broke radios near start of mission, no JIP
  22. Co33 Berezino Siege Chenrarus - No slots
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