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  3. TVT16 Patrols Tonos Terror v1.1
  4. TVT16 Patrols Shack Showdown v1.1
  5. TVT16 Patrols Koroni Kickout v1.1
  6. TVT16 Patrols Hilltop Hell v1.1
  7. COTVT18 Nondescript Nera HC v2.0
  8. COTVT16 Whet Wallop HC v1.0
  9. LOL50 TTT Rosche V1
  10. Hotfix Pending Hotfix - 3CB Factions Hotfix Pending Hotfix - Diyala Update Tin - C7 Update Blackhawk - BreifingKit Update ACRE Rollback/Stability Do not update your Teamspeak version at this time.
  11. ACRE2 - Dev Build Update 998 -> 1001 - [Added] Longley-Rice Signal Propagation Model - [Added] LOS Simple Propagation Model - [Added] Zeus Integration by Brett - [Added] Intercom UI (FFCS) by RanTa - [Added] Groundspike Antenna (GSA) - [Added] Global Mobilization Weferlingen Terrain compatibility (optional component) - [Added] Editor previews for ACRE2 Ammo Box and OE-303 - [Improvement] C++ readability and enhancement - [Fix] Integer type overflow UOMODS_A3 Minor Update to UO Framework WL_Trench - Addition Secondary Dependencies Added 3CB Factions - Addon Addition Anizay - Map Addition Grad Trenches - Addon Addition Ragdoll - Addon Addition Redd N' Tanks Update UOMAPS_A3 The following maps are pending removal from the mod pack. Aliabad - To be removed within the next month. Diyala - To be Updated and or considered for Removal within 3 months. Karia - To be considered for removal within 3 months, pending use/updates. Kidal - To be considered for removal within 3 months, pending use/updates. Podagorsk - To be considered for removal within 3 months. PR FATA - To be removed within the next month. Schwemlitz - To be removed within the next month. Schwemlitz Winter - To be removed within the next month. Thirsk - To be removed within the next month. Thirsk Winter- To be removed within the next month. VT5 - To be removed within the next month.
  12. Blue

    UOA3 - Weekly Session

    If you wish to join these sessions, please use this guide to ensure that your ARMA 3 mods and Teamspeak settings are correctly configured.
  14. We will be playing with Kanium, Steel Beasts on their servers. WHEN: [2019-06-16] 1800Z WHERE: Kanium Steel Beast Server / Kanium Teamspeak Server ( Server Information will be given on Event Day) EVENT DAY TIMELINE : 1700Z - 1720Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server 1721Z - 1730Z | Moving to Kanium Teamspeak 1730Z - 1755Z | Setting up Teamspeak whisper lists and connecting to Steel Beast Server 1800Z | Event Start To sign up, RSVP on the calendar & comment on the post below with this format: [Ingame Name/Interested Role ] For those who do not own a copy of Steel Beast, we have several extra copies for you to try Steel Beast out.
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  16. Tanking for this mission is not necessary, they are there as a safety net if people need them.
  17. CO42 Boring Monday v3.1 on PR Fata Does not load slots anymore.
  18. Switching to Out as I have done the AAR training 8 times. Turbulence is more pronounced in 4.34. 2 of the 8 TEs the tanker turned when connected without warning. No warning when coming out of turn. I can connect in level, and usually stay connected in turn. Just too sketchy to consider flying Sat so out for this one.
  19. I still think AAR at night with our experience is going to really mess timings up so I guess definately avoid on Ingress
  20. Bloody tankers seems to be endlessy turning in 4.34 - both in TE and when I tried in a Campaign
  21. UOAF BMS Session 388 - Saturday [2019-06-08, 1800z]  THEATER: BMS 4.34 Korea RESERVE YOUR SLOT Mission .INI Package Q Redux Everything you loved about Package Q minus the bad weather, but this time with even more high tech S* equipment. Mission -Our task is to fly all the way to Russia and Strike one of the two remaining S* airbases. There are 2 SA-10's within range of the airbase which will need to be suppressed in order for the OCA to go in. The city to the West of the airbase is infested with low altitude systems and will be an exclusion zone. To support us there are three tankers: TEXACO 1 | TEXACO 2 | COPPER 1 ; that will provide refueling support and their HAVCAP's will act as A/A support. Products Weather Forecast Imagery: 6 hr (2300-0500L) key: ["fair"] ["poor"]
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