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  2. CO10 Stalling Time v1
  3. Yesterday
  4. Sorry I couldn't make it, I've been ill.
  5. Thank you for everyone who showed up! We played from 19 to approximately 2100Z See you guys next week again?
  6. CO31 Edge of the World v1.1
  7. Last week
  8. I guess it's too late to expedite this. I will try however, to arrive a bit earlier so we can get something up.
  9. I will not contest the ban.
  10. Please contact me when it becomes Official Tactical Tuesdays thank you
  11. TVT 46 Fortunate Son v1
  12. Any chance to push this event start to 1800Z so some of the working CEST people can play for about 1-2hours as well?
  13. V2: - Medics are now ACE class Doctor - Introduced Headless Client - Removed optic on REDFOR MGs
  14. v2 fixed some low key shit removed 3 ai, reduced grenade throw chance and lowered health of vehicles
  15. Player: Nomad A3 PID: 10926eec29f2ff23270ebe1bd9cb9933 TS3 ID: lfoCpfDAHKfOlFManJwnXKH3pYs= Length: 1 Month Reason: 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community. Repeat behavior of Major Disruption Intentional Game Disruption Constant Backtalking Asset Theft - Stealing Vehicles of other Squads/Members/Roles Willful Refusal to follow ingame orders or commands by users in positions outranking, or with situational control above users in question. Disruptive plans for missions or actions which serve place in no Tactical or Cooperative manner. Intent to Disrupt Gameplay. Processor: James User took SL, dropped his radio, dismissed orders by both CO and GM to keep it, backtalking to the GM investigating what was wrong, then lied and try to say he was just a rifleman, despite loudout index showing otherwise. User also disrupted gameplay with two TK's and dismissed advice from a regular regarding his behaviour : Before both of those, user also dismissed warnings to reign in his behaviour by another regular: Link to detailed review post: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/topic/28671-nomad/&do=findComment&comment=337957
  16. Been away for a while and itching to get. Loved the old Tac Tuesdays and looking forward to it again!!
  17. TVT45 Furkish Finale V1
  18. The FTPs died with ARMA2 because we still have no mission with ARMA3 that will allow us to conduct them. The mission needs to be fluid enough to allow the instructor to spawn and control AI simultaneous with; moving, supervising, and teaching. Zeus doesn't even come close to the scripting that young Yaxxo made,
  19. ACRE2 Mid Week Hotfix/Update 1012 -> 1015 - [Improvement] Start speaking on push-to-talk in Zeus (without separate push-to-talk button). - [Fix(proper)] Zeus near radios script error (fucking SQF order - brackets are the solution). - [Fix] Zeus unable to hear players on ships. - [Fix] Units not updating in intercom (multiple intercom vehicle behaviour). - [Fix] Intercom and Rack persistence for JIP players. - [Fix] Duplicate PTT 3 keybind string.
  20. A bit too early for me. I'll join about 1h30m late.
  21. Earlier
  22. Recommend you also advertise this on discord.
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