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UOAF - BMS #331 - 1800z

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Package 8347 (UOAF)


1. 4xF-14A, USS Vinson

  • "GhostRider"
  • Sweep along the length of the FLOT/ roam where needed

2. 4xF-16A, 117th, Ramat David

  • "Scout 1"
  • Push ahead of the main strike package and hunt for 2xSA-9 and Shilka
  • Mavericks/cluster bombs

3. 4xF-16A - Escort Strike Package from Sde Dov to Valley Alpha

  • "Slick 1"

4. 8xF-16A - Main Sde Dov Strike Package

  • "Turkey1"
  • "Vulture 1"
  • Mk-20d
  • Coordinate, seek and destroy armor in Valley Alpha



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