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UOAF - BMS #324 - 1900z

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Airborne Interdiction




This is why we're moving so close to the FLOT. So we can kill everything and have plenty of fuel left to play. This package has 3 flights dedicated to AI, one which is a Harrier flight. In support are SEAD and ESCORT flights.




Cowboy1 will interdict infantry (possible mech) targets north of bullseye.


Falcon1 will interdict SCUD/missile and mech battalions east-northeast of bullseye.


Harrier2 will interdict infantry (possible mech) targets at and around bullseye.


Fury1 will SEAD pop-up threats and act as backup for ESCORT.


Serpent1 will cover the southern flank, mainly threats from Zemunik.




Preparation recommendation:

Air to ground datalink.














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