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UOAF - BMS #323 - 1900z

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Factory Strike


In order to slow down resupply of aircraft and troops, we need to begin destroying factories and power-plants. This Package will have 3 flights dedicated to striking targets around the city of Podgorica. Supporting the strikes is a SEAD flight with a possible SA-6 roaming the city, and a Sweep flight. With all flights operating in close proximity there are strict flight level separation bands each strike must operate in.


Hornet1 will STRIKE Underground Factory, Danilovgrad Factory at Flight Level 28-30

Fury1 will STRIKE Underground Factory, Padgorica Factory at Flight Level 24-26

Lobo1 will STRIKE Padgorica South Factory, Padgorica South Refinery at Flight Level 20-22

Panther1 will SEAD Known SA-6 and popup threats.

Python1 will SWEEP and protect the package.





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In, Strike or SEAD. Probably a few minutes late, it's my daughters last game of the season in the morning.

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