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UOAF - BMS #322 - 1900z

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Operation Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Cruise Missile Strike


Over the last 24 hours the enemy’s ability to launch larger scale attacks from the air has been drastically reduced; while a few corridors off and along the coast of Croatia are anything but secure due to the heavy volume of enemy air traffic moving to attack the FLOT, red’s tempo has slowed down considerably allowing us to land a few important blows to their infrastructure and morale.


After showing them their bastion is Mostar is vulnerable, command wants to demonstrate how dangerous Casale and the Roosevelt can really be in hopes of distracting the enemy from a ground war that’s grinding forward a little too slow. We will strike Sarajevo at dawn, to cripple an important logistical center (Sarajevo Army Depot) and to further degrade their command and control by shutting down the local power plant. Older infrastructure means it will take many precious hours for them to bring power back to the city and thanks to classified assets we can count on their backup systems to fail sooner than they think.


Cowboy 1 will clear a corridor, as well as suppress or disable a confirmed Sa3 site and likely Sa10 emplacements all around the city from maximum range; Falcon, Fury and Lobo are to provide escort and sanitize an adequate buffer zone for Hornet to employ long range SLAM-ERs. Growlers from the Roosevelt will provide a short window of OECM; stationed just south of the Launch area, they will be on station fro 4:05 to 4.15. AWACS and tanker support are on station.


Primary Air threat comes from Sarajevo itself and possibly Tuzla to the North. Dolac and Sjenica to the East still pose a significant threat with their large number of Flankers and Fullbacks.

Bullseye is Sarajevo City.


Weather is clear in the south with possible very high broken clouds over target.


Get in, blow stuff up, and get out.








Flight Cards

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Cowboy1 Falcon1 Fury1 Lobo1 Hornet1

F-16CM-52 F-16CM-52 F-16CM-52 F-16CM-52 F/A-18C

oMok5UK.jpg Kb30eov.jpg 2h9mYoT.jpg egGtRzV.jpg YiWW7CR.jpg






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Sorry fellas, have to be out for this event, going to sort my cable situation today, i should be up  and running soon

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