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UOAF - BMS #317 - 1900z

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Roach4, a flight of Mirage 2000Ds with APACHE cruise missiles, will make it to the bullseye and launch a standoff OCA strike against Ponikve. SA-10s and SA-17s are active in the area, so Cowboy1 and Falcon1 will provide SEAD security on the flanks. Fury1 will be the lead escort for the package and Hornet1 will be the base of fire escort. Both SEAD flights may need to transform into AA mode at a moments notice as the the launch point for the Mirages is surrounded by enemy air bases. Cilipi airbase is rapidly repairing and may be operational at any time.




Roach will OCA Ponikve Airbase with APACHE cruise missiles. Alternate targets are Sarajevo to the west, Tuzla to the northwest, Sjenica to the east and Cilipi on the coast. All other flights will operate in support of Roach4 accomplishing their mission. Get Roach to the bullseye and take out Ponikve!




Roach4 OCA Ponikive; secondaries: Sarajevo, Tuzla, Sjenica, Cilipi


Hornet1 will ESCORT Roach4 and act as package base of fire


Cowboy1 will SEAD screen the west flank


Falcon1 will SEAD screen the east flank


Fury1 will act as lead ESCORT and will coordinate with Hornet1 to provide all-aspect AA coverage for the package












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Falcon1 lead is possibru. Tech issues solved and fully ready this time. Thank you Foxy for patience.



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