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UOAF - BMS #315 - 1900z

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The UOAF Package will perform a trench run style NOE attack on Dolac Airbase. They will fly between the borders of Soviet Yugoslavia and Albania. Covering this NOE strike will be SEAD and Air-to-Air Escorts. Remember your training at the rebel alliance flight school of death star trench running and fire your photon torpedoes into the runways.








Cowboy1 will NOE OCA Dolac Airbase






Falcon1 will provide close escort for Fury1






Hornet1 will provide close escort for Lobo1






Fury1 will SEAD SA-2 and Popups






Lobo1 will SEAD SA-3/SA-17 at Dolac
















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Falcon1-1 / 1-3. (Will give up either slot depending on which one gets reserved by someone else first)

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