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UOAF - BMS #306 - 1800z

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Air Interdiction (AI)/Barrier Combat Air Patrol(BARCAP)/Suppression of Enemy Air Defense(SEAD)

all the missions!


We hit em hard last mission! Immediately after we egressed, the enemy regained Air Supremacy! Regain control of the air on the FLOT, destroy new SAMs, and interdict their ground spearhead.


For this mission one package will run an AI with a 4 ships of Rafale-C escorted by a 4 ships F16 SEAD.


Another package composed of 4 flights will run some BARCAPs in the area to intercept any incoming ennemies.

Hornet 2 will patrol PLUTO

Fury 1 will patrol MERCURY

Lobo 1 will patrol MARS

Panther 1 will patrol VENUS






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Hornet, if full then any 22568 wingman slot. Sorry, have to cancel this time. Have a great flight.

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