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UOAF - BMS #286 - 1800z

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Package 19356


Package is tasked with destroying Kangnung and Chuncheon runways. F111’s will destroy Radar Site #2 and Yongwol Power Plant


Beast 1
4-ShipF-111F:DEEP STRIKE Destroy Radar Site #2 and Yongwol Power Plant


Cowboy 1
2-ShipF-16C-30:OCA Destroy Chuncheon Airbase runway 36-18


Fury 1
2-ShipF-16C-30:OCA Destroy Kangnung Airbase runway 09-27


Lobo 1
4-ShipF-16C-30: ESCORT Escort Fury1 to Kangnung airbase.


Falcon 1
4-ShipF-16C-30: ESCORT Escort Cowboy1 to Chuncheon airbase.


Package 19362


Package is tasked with destroying SA3 at Kangnung and providing further air cover.


Panther 1
4-ShipF-16C-30: SEAD Destroy SA3. Note this flight is equipped with 1 AGM45 and 1 AIM-7P per airframe.





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