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UOAF - BMS 367 - 1900z

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The picture above explains better than words the current situation. While Bluefor is struggling with the remaining 2.5 active airbases Redfor is playing good and bad weather all along the AO with multiple gorilla group strikes tasked to annihilate what's remaining of our bases.
Today's task is a quite brave (desperate) multiple OCA strike deep in enemy territory trying to take out a cluster of 4 airbase hosting several fighters and attack squadrons



  • 2 OCA strikes will be the main engine of this operation, attacking KOKKOLA, NIVALA, YLIVIESKA and RAAHE airbases
  • 1 SEAD will sanitize the AO from the SA-10 threat
  • 2 SWEEP will provide high cover in both A and B zone while the OCA will be performing their attacks






Tasking (in take off order)

  • SERPENT will fly to the AO and suppress any enemy radars
  • SNAKE and SHARK will spearhead the 2 OCA providing air cover
  • COWBOY will attack KOKKOLA and RAAHE
  • PYTHON will attack NIVALA and YLIVIESKA



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