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UOAF - BMS 365 - 1900z

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UOAF BMS Session 365

Saturday [2018-12-29] 1900Z













Our defensive counter air work has come good. Friendly F-15C flights are on station over BARDUFOSS, giving us enough breathing room to strike back at the enemy.
The time now is 14:47, at 15:10 we will conduct a counterattack on KITTILA Airbase, approximately 70 miles East of the FLOT.
KITTILA is home to two squadrons of Russian attackers and a Squadron of MiG29s, we know that they are a key element in the enemy's attempts on our base.



Five flights of F-16s will be involved in the counter attack, Two from the NoAF and Three from the USAF.
The intent of this mission is to destroy KITTILA Airfield.


(In take off order)

LOBO1 - Conduct SEAD to the NORTH of the package, en route to the target.
PANTHER1 - Conduct SEAD to the SOUTH of the package, en route to the target.
PYTHON1 - Protect the package from any enemy air threats.
COWBOY1 & FURY1 - Destroy KITTILA Airbase, prioritize the runways.




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