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UOAF - BMS 361 - 1900z

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MISSION: Secure friendly airspace, suppress SAMs threatening the FLOT









  • The AO is divided into two zones, North and South. 1x flight SEAD & CAP is tasked to each zone, and should coordinate their efforts
  • “PAPA BEAR” is a friendly Air Defense emplacement at Bardufoss Airbase – Patriot, Hawk, & AAA. An additional Patriot is stationed at HOME PLATE
  • COWBOY1 push ahead and patrol the FLOT at low level, use terrain masking
  • SNAKE1 & VIPER1 SEAD 1st priority: suspected SA-10 positions covering the FLOT, 2nd priority: pop up SA-17
  • SHARK1 & STUD1 establish CAP, check in with AWACS
  • Drag bandits towards PAPA BEAR or HOME PLATE








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