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TVT54 Kirkuk Krackdown V4

  • Yes Yes 36 54 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Kidal TrainDoctor

    British Armed Forces must clear insurgents out of an urban environment using Panama ROVs and an EOD team.
    Added hide/get load-out functionality for insurgents.
    Tweaks and adjustments to briefing making sure important info is communicated.
    Additional markers for clarity of information.
    Removal of platoon sergeant section and changes to the EOD section.
    Addition of a maintenance vehicle for the ROVs
    and a lot more that I can't possibly remember.
    Briefing fixes
    Removed Northern AI Patrols
    Added SR comms to BAF Briefing
    Restricted view distance and changed time of day (precious frames)
    Changed AO size and gave indicators of relative cache locations. (Indicated in briefing as well.)
    Removed Chinook gunners (Sorry guys)
    Added special little gifts for insurgents
    Added civilians biking around AO
    Fixed a bug where insurgents would hide their equipment more than once, losing all of their equipment permanently.
    Added cache location randomization.

TVT54 Kirkuk Krackdown V4
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