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CO40 Russian Clam V6

  • Yes Yes 25 40 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Tanoa Pekka

    The players are a platoon of Russian VDV troops with a BMD-4M inserting by parachute onto one of the medium-sized Tanoan islands. The enemies are Horizon Islands Defense Force troops holding two garrisons and a smaller post at a radio tower. They're relatively well-armed with NATO armaments.

    The objective of the mission is to seize the HIDF garrisons.

    There is an optional objective to destroy a radio tower. If you want some extra challenge, don't complete this.



    • Further increased spacing between player starting points to prevent parachute collisions.
    • Removed the second BMD. The players now only have one BMD. This reduced slot count from 43 to 40.
    • The BMD now has a smoke trail when landing to make it easier to locate.
    • Fixed many gear script issues and readjusted player gear.
    • Replaced squad-level PKPs with RPKs. Weapons squad are now the only ones with PKPs.
    • Enemy forces are now HIDF instead of AAF.
    • Adjusted difficulty upwards (hopefully quite substantially).


    • Increased spacing between player starting points and increased random parachute height variation to reduce chance of lethal parachute collisions
    • Fixed player loadouts having too many items after RHS item size changes
    • Fixed several script errors that had surfaced after modpack updates



    • Medic should now be able to use his surgical and personal aid kits as intended


    • Bugfixed the AI script


    • Removed mention of VCOM AI from briefing as the mission didn't actually end up using it
    • Updated the homebrew shitty "AI" script (SUCC.sqf)
    • Tweaked deployment of reinforcements
    • Reintroduced CBA taskDefend function to some units as new version of CBA fixed the script errors it caused
    • Enabled mission.sqm binarization to make scenario name properly appear in mission list
    • Changed scenario description to have 100% less jokes and 200% more informational content
    • Fixed capitalization of filename
    • Verified that mission contains no actual clams
    • Spent more time writing the changelog than making the actual changes

    v1: initial release

CO40 Russian Clam V6
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