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CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V6

  • Yes Yes 8 22 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Autumn Pekka

    Players are an US Army platoon that's RTB when their two Chinooks get shot down. Starting situation is in a grounded broken Chinook.


    The objective of the mission is to destroy the two ZSU-23-4's responsible for shooting down the choppers. However, the players start with no AT except two disposable AT-4 launchers, making the mission difficult (but not impossible) to complete with just their starting gear. The idea is that players search the crash site of the platoon's other helicopter for extra anti-armour weaponry, or scavenge it from enemies.

    After the ZSUs are destroyed, players must extract from the AO (the visible map area). There is an AI helicopter extraction available that probably works fine. It's available through the game's Command menu (tilde or backspace).


    According to briefing the size of the enemy force is unknown, but there's approximately two platoons (76 or so units) worth of Russian MSV troops in the area. They do not follow any realistic ORBAT, however.




    • Changed extraction objective to use ACE actions.


    • Added extraction objective after the ZSUs are destroyed.
    • Added AI heli extraction option.
    • Added tasks to clarify mission progression.
    • Removed end condition for opfor casualties.
    • Added end conditions for extracting from the AO: win if the ZSUs are destroyed, lose otherwise. 90% of living blufor players must leave the AO for this to trigger.
    • Changed ZSU positions.
    • Updated briefing to match these changes.


    • Fixed player loadouts having more items than could fit in their gear
    • Fixed some script errors that had surfaced


    • Briefing typo fix
    • Medic should now be able to use his surgery and personal aid kits, hopefully. Surgery kit has infinite uses while PAK is a single-use experimental healing potion
    • Medic has also purchased Twitch Prime, and thanks to this is now carrying an extra bag of saline
    • Reduced BLUFOR casualty limit from 100% to 80% (dunno why I thought that was a good idea)
    • Fixed automatic radio channel setup
    • Minor balance tweaks
    • Enabled parameters for weather


    • Fixed AI script

    v1: initial release

CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V6

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