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CO15 Treasure Island V3

  • Yes Yes 4 15 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Porto Pekka

    This mission revolves around a treasure map gimmick inspired by old RPGs like Ultima Online. Players have to acquire a treasure map from an enemy commander, then use that map to locate, dig up and recover a treasure chest which must be hauled off of the island (using ACE cargo mechanics) to win the mission. The maps (there's 12 in total at this time, chosen at random when the mission starts) are crops of a custom stylized parchment-style map of Porto which you can see here.

    The story is that the players are a PMC who are plundering the pirates for some side income. The players are equipped with some irregular PMC gear (HK416s mainly, and an M14 on a marksman unit). The enemies are poorly equipped thugs with mostly Soviet bloc weaponry. There's a lot of them (something like 80 all in all), but they lack body armour and many of them have very poor weaponry (break-action single shot shotguns and Skorpion machine pistols) which balances things out.

    There's a HC slot but no actual HC support. It exists so the HC doesn't have to be disconnected when the mission is loaded.




    • AI balance changes
    • Extra AI randomization
    • Updated briefing


    • Fixed stranded JIP jet ski script (if you spawn in the ocean you should get a jet ski for transport, on top of the usual JIP teleport action)
    • Fixed script error in treasureScript
    • Fixed JIPs not getting treasure digging actions
    • Bumped minimum players from 1 to 4.
CO15 Treasure Island V3
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