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TVT68 Three Valley Paths V4

  • Yes Yes 53 68 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Autumn Morluck

    Soviet Mechanized Platoon+ mounted in BMP-2Ds convoy through forested terrain controlled by American backed Insurgents supported by two Ural ZU-23-2. Slot the tanks. Ratio 2:1 Opfor:Indfor. Parameters decided by Opfor CO. Time Limit 65 minutes; Setup Timer 5 minutes. Indfor JIP DENY after 15 minutes.


    V1.0- Release
    Infinite M72s fixed.
    Item Radio -> 343s fixed.
    Incentive to not hug map edge added.
    Directionally challenged barricades added.


    Replaced Ural ZU-23-2 with UAZ SPG.
    Entrenchment tools for Indfor added.
    RPG Optics on AKs Fixed.
    Opfor HQ Medic and Marksman starting on wrong SR channel Fixed.
    Mines markers -> At Mines fixed.
    BTR error fixed.
    Slot Screen Description Fixed.


    V3.0- Mission Reworked
    Fixed gear issues.
    Added 148s for Opfor.
    Addressed defender concerns that AO was lacking obstacles.

TVT68 Three Valley Paths V4
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