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TVT48 Showdown at Le Port V1.3

  • Yes Yes 36 48 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Malden James

    US Special Forces attack to eliminate a warlord | JIP Tele for BLUFOR, JIPs walk on OPFOR | Helicopter assets | Warlord is a critical slot and MUST be slotted by a person with stable connection.


    --V1.1 - Minor briefing update, included version number in title, in game.
    --V1.2 - Minor briefing update again, removed disabled TI equipment on helos.
    --V1.3 - Reduced UH60 ammo, added RPG gunners to opfor, fixed sniper ammo.

TVT48 Showdown at Le Port V1.3
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