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TVT48 Predator Playfield V1.1

  • Yes Yes 38 48 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Autumn Morluck

    Tank TVT using AI drivers. Soviet T-72Bs with BMP-3s fights American M1A1HCs with M2A2ODS. Ratio 2:1 Opfor:Blufor. Parameters decided by Opfor CO. Time Limit 70 minutes; Setup Timer 5 minutes. JIP Spectate after 15 minutes. Vehicle NV and TI disabled.


    V1.0- Release
    V1.1- Changes based on Feedback
    Removed T-72 Commander Shields
    Added M1A1 Loaders
    Clarified Comsig

TVT48 Predator Playfield V1.1
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