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TVT41 Norwegian HMKG Attack V1.5

  • Yes Yes 20 41 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Winter HitTheMan

    Norwegian HMKG Attack remnants of MSV forces
    Ratio - 1.9 : 1 | BLU : OPF
    Minimum players:  20

    v1 - Nothing new
    v1.1 - Changed Ammo for Minimi users, changed names for some slots
    v1.2 - A few changes to the info for overview, images and a thing for test
    v1.5 - BTR-80 changed to BTR-70
    - Found different way to attempt to solve 343
    - Added LAWs, 5x to the Fuchs
    - Added handgrenades to Blufor, 2x each soldier.
    - Made some roofs unclimbable, and added an intent to OPFOR's brief, stating they shouldn't climb unrealistic.

TVT41 Norwegian HMKG Attack V1.5

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