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CO52 - Bruchwedel v2.3

  • Yes Yes 35 52 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. Wave Respawn Rosche TinfoilHate

    BLUFOR Infantry Town Clearance


    v2.3: Changed some kit around, wave respawn truck now moves pretty much always
    v2.2: Switched UGCVs
    v2.1: Resolved issues with people being able to break wave respawn driver, tweaked flank security, tweaked QRF
    v2.0: Revamped for USMC, added wave respawn, added mortars, added UGAVs
    v1.3.2: ACE Mortar Settings
    v1.3.1: Fixed error in gas script, fixed error in gas deployment, fixed error in shotcount
    v1.3: Revamped many modules, added friendly mortars, adjusted positions for Rosche update
    v1.2.1: Fixed issue with gas script preventing modules after it in load order from loading
    v1.2: Further gas script refinements, adjusted loadouts a small amount, added function to pull people into your group if you're the leader
    v1.1: Fixed masks on unconscious, altered medic loadouts, added bandaid track at start in case the medic dies, adjusted timing of gas/QRF, added toggle for CBRN alarms on tracks
    v1.0: Release

CO52 - Bruchwedel v2.3
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Heads up, the wind may have an adverse effects on the mortars. Rounds were landing 100-150m short if firing into the wind. May want to disable that parameter and leave the wind at zero.

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