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TVT23 Syria's Countryside V4.1

  • Yes Yes 14 23 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Aliabad Region Geth

    Motorized Syrian Army attempt to clear a string of villages of al-Nusra militants.


    4.1 Changelog:
    - Smaller AO


    4 Changelog:
    - New AO
    - Different defense area
    - Earplugs added


    3.4 Changelog:
    - Fixed gear error


    3.3 Changelong:
    - Updated Olsen framework
    - Gun changes
    - Uniform changes


    3.2 Changelog:
    - File name fixed


    3.1 Changelog:
    - Briefing fixes
    - Gear changes
    - Independent AO smaller


    3.0 Changelog:
    - Opfor BMP switched to BTR
    - Opfor casuality limit reduced
    - Independent casualty limit reduced
    - Gear fixes
    - Uniform changes


    2.0 Changelog:
    - Restructure of Opfor
    - Larger AO


    1.3 Changelog:
    - New spectator


    1.2 Changelog:
    - ACE
    - RPG scopes for independent
    - Increased independent AO
    - Reduced Opfor casualty end condition percentage
    - Spectator issue should be gone


    1.1 Changelog:
    - Fixed medical system insurgent bug by changing to AAF
    - Switched AK-47s to AKMs
    - Switched RPKs to PKMs/PKPs
    - Uniform changes
    - Thematic faces
    - Added civilians and civilian vehicles for story immersion
    - Gear changes
    - Briefing changes

TVT23 Syria's Countryside V4.1
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