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CO38 Party Rock v1

  • No Yes 27 38 JIP Walk - Walk to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Autumn FoxxyFrost

    Ranger platoon assaults ammo depot.


    05-02-2016 - First release

CO38 Party Rock v1
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Rejected because of nasty script errros.


Feedback, please remember that its only being rejected because of the error, the rest is just feedback that you can use if you want to.


Mission uses the "ACRE Basic mission Setup" module. This has been confirmed to cause issues with JIP.
- As its a CO, just add the 343 in your gearscript
- Get better friends with TAB :smile: - just a personal thing
- You are adding radios with the wrong classname. "ACRE_PRC343_ID_1" use "ACRE_PRC343" same with "ACRE_PRC148_ID_1" do "ACRE_PRC148"
- Olsen framework handles "primary weapon item" the item just needs to be added after the weapon. with FNC_AddItem (but theres no problem in doing what you are doing. just that the framework can do it)
- I suggest adding more med suplies. we use the advanced medical of ACE. you go through the bandages qucik. refference http://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/medical-system.html#advanced-1
- Theres a trigger to end the mission, you really should do this the endconditions.sqf. I cant seem to find any documation on it, but a trigger checks around every tick. This is not really needed, and can cause performance issues.
- You really need to update, as olsen framework handles ending the mission in a gracefull way :smile:
- There is sadly an issue with the stationairy guns in arma at the moment. They are insanely hard to kill. I'm not telling you to remove them, just take that into considieration, they are a huge force multiplyer in their current state.
Framework Modules.
- You have active modules that you have not configured, you should do this or remove them from modules.sqf
Slayer 1'4 / Squadleader
- Is not given any gear from the gearscript.
Patrol base
- Some of the hardcore millsim guys would crusify you for calling your unit placement a patrol base :biggrin:
Newest version of Olsen framework can always be found here: https://github.com/dklollol/Olsen-Framework-Arma-3/tree/master

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