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TVT57(32) Cultist Crackdown v1.6

  • No 32 57 JIP Walk - Walk to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Chernarus Primary Server LeoPhone

    BLU 1 : 3.75 OPF | CIA agents vs the cult of Nar'sie. OPFOR defends Chernogorsk.



    Mission by LeoPhone

    Briefing by Wolfie


    v1.1 update:

    - computer calculation time from 40m to 30m

    - added 10m preparation time to scud launcher, starts when computer calculation is complete

    - changed CIA weapons to MP5SDs

    - added fog particles

    - changed weather parameters (darker)

    - fixed issue with crazysteve surfing a radiobox


    v1.2 update:

    - removed briefing note that recommended to increase brightness/gamma

    - removed weather paramaters, instead there is one new balanced weather setting.

    - replaced CIA silenced mp5s with stock mp5s and shotguns

    - replaced CIV RPG with M79

    - removed CIA boats

    - moved CIA spawns slightly closer to AO

    - moved CIV spawn locations to reduce JIP spawnkilling


    v1.3 update:

    - Improved briefing


    v1.4 update:

    - fixed gear after removal of gloryguns

    - Added CN gas weapons to CIA

    - Added telepathic abilities to the Priest

    - fixed issue with short range radios


    v1.5 update:

    - Fixed issue with some units having no gear

    - Changed Civilians to OPFOR faction

    - Replaced UZI slot with Makarov slot (uzi recoil wtf!)


    v1.6 update:

    - Fixed broken radios

    - Made it slightly darker

    - Ratio from 1:3.5 to 1:3.75

    - Added Marksman and 2 SD Rifle slots to CIA

    - CIA can no longer teleport to 3 possible starts, now simply start in the north

    - CIA NVGs and IR strobes will now be deleted on their death

    - Addition to mission objective: SCUD must now be launched inside predetermined area

    - Fixed OPFOR players viewing priest's map not showing the red supply marker dots

    - OPFOR Priest's red supply drop markers are now much more likely to point to the best supplies

    - Made the Power generator less of a fuel consume monster

TVT57(32) Cultist Crackdown v1.6
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Small nitpick, but in the future please make sure your initial mission versions are labeled as v1. If you label it as V10, it makes me believe that this is the 10th version of the mission.

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Needs work. As of v1.1 I would recommend anyone who potentially plays it to bump the ratio in favor of Civfor severely. Like, one squad of Indie, period.

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