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CO70 Vashta Nerada WAC v1

  • Yes 50 100 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. Revive with Limited Lives Spritz Primary Server Goosko

    UNO light infantry company tasked with pushing separatists out from Spritznaya. Almost identical to the Combined Arms version but the difference is that this is an infantry vs infantry scenario. It uses a high command module that is operated by 2 member on the Blufor side. Be on the lookout for fuel.

CO70 Vashta Nerada WAC v1

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With no maps, radios or compasses I would recommend that you adopt the floaty tag system so people can see what squad is what.at a glance instead of having to vaguely memorize it as the mission progresses. In our recent play through we had to have people run around into blobs to yell for people while trying to find them at a glance, which is a bit annoying.


Humvees and a much heavier spoiler are hella rude. Humvees seem to have quite a bit of accuracy and the spoiler is pretty resilient.

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