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CO51 Too Long In The Sun v7

  • Yes 14 51 JIP Teleport - Teleport to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Takistan Primary Server Xeno_morph

    Understrength US Armoured company assaults an airfield and surrounding oilfields


    Change log






    Increased view distance from 6500 to 9000


    Added more patrolling tanks


    Changed formation status on all friendly units and the Mi-24's to none


    Detached the BMP-2 at Objective sol from its Squad group


    Detached the static Konkurs from the ZU-23 group in an attempt to get it to fire




    Added two stinger teams to the recon detachment


    Fixed the Su-25 not coming into the AO after its hold way-point it complete


    Reworked the gear script


    added 148s to all vehicles




    Added Crackman's (Naughts) team roster script


    Changes to the briefing


    Disabled the military symbols that would show up in the briefing


    Disabled ACE stamina to give JIP players and the stinger teams an easier time moving around the AO


    Changed some stuff in the init.sqf to hopefully improve performance




    Added a Teleport to squad function




    Updated to Olsen framwork V5




    Fixed the Su-25 not coming in

    Added another Su-25

    Fixed the 2nd Hind not attacking sometimes

CO51 Too Long In The Sun v7

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This mission has been submitted to the Mission Review Team as this is your first mission submission at UO. The file itself has been moved to SRV3/missiontest. Please check their forum for the results of the review.



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You probably were a little too much for your first mission, but.


Tanks tend to get knocked out via crew killing, not actual destruction. This makes it actually rather hard to tell when you have lost your other tanks! Putting them all together in the same squad would mitigate this minor issue.


JIPs also have no practical way of getting to their various units. Please add a teleport-to-vehicle feature instead of a transport one, as a all ground mission doesn't really work with it unless it's a very short distance.


It seems the AI was firing out of the tanks viewing range, which is Bad. Additionally, the oppressive viewing range meant Avengers couldn't actually find their alleged targets. Avengers don't have radars either, so they have to right-click spam in some attempt to find anything. Which is annoying and doesn't work well whatsoever. More importantly, however, attacking Sirus and Sol (But leaving the third due to waiting room and casualties) the Avengers and entire friendly force saw a Hind. And nothing else. There were no other enemy air contacts.


Beyond that, please add 148s to the gear of all the vehicles. Avengers can be easily one manned, for instance, but if only the gunner slots in then they don't get radios to speak of. Any casualities also cause radio comms to immediately go south.


It needs work. A lot of work, but work.

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Restricted characters in the file name: only letters, periods, numbers, and underscores are allowed. Rejected.

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